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Packaging Automation and Materials Success Story

Automation & Engineering Success

Millennium Packaging recently worked with a well-respected global healthcare technology company to transform their outdated packaging process and invest in new technology and equipment that would create a more efficient environment. With the changes implemented, our client is now able to fill 3x as many boxes with the new system and hold 5x more paper void fill, resulting in less switching and change-overs, saving time and money. 

Before Millennium Packaging Assessment
Before Photo with Markups from Millennium Packaging

When we originally toured the clients facility, our team noticed several places that left room for improvement. Their old, worn tables were covered in cut marks, worn down knives, pens and markers had no place to be stored, and clutter surrounded the workspace. Employees told us they needed a cleaner space; one that was organized and allowed them to get their jobs done faster so they didn’t spend precious time moving pens or tablets from one spot to another. Most notably, we found that they were using a manual  “cut and wrinkle” technique to fill their packages with kraft paper, leaving room for error and fatiguing employees faster after multiple hours on the job. 

After initial analysis of the current setup, the Millennium Packaging team offered a quote with a wide variety of options for improvement, from cost-conscious to major investment choices. Our team developed a great working relationship with the client and we knew they were expanding rapidly. Our recommendations accounted for the systems they needed immediately and future expansion efforts they could invest in for years to come. 

Upon selection of the right choices by the client, our team of experts was there to order, install and support the introduction of the newly selected automated equipment. We switched out the dated tables and upgraded to an adhesive cutting mat, resulting in less wear and tear on knives and less blade replacements. Items that formerly lived on the tabletop were moved to newly added under-table drawers, tablets were placed on stands, and markers were attached to strings and placed nicely over the tabletop for easy access. Our team also installed a three-stage fan for a more comfortable work environment for employees. 

After Millennium Packaging Assessment
After Millennium Packaging Assessment

The biggest investment piece of this client success story was the addition of a
Sealed Air FasFil 1500 machine. As a Sealed Air Master Distributor, the Millennium Packaging team recommended the FasFil to replace the old method of pulling and crinkling for void fill. The FasFil 1500 stores more paper, resulting in less changing out of rolls, and can run at speeds of up to 390 feet per minute. It’s simple footswitch design allows for foot control instead of a pull down process. With this addition, our client can fill 3x more boxes making it the ideal investment for their growing business. 

We are excited to continue to offer our client the most up to date equipment available on the market! 

Millennium Packaging Customized Packaging Assessments 

Customized Packaging Assessment

If you’re outgrowing your current warehouse set up, or simply need a fresh set of eyes to review your workspace, our team of experts is here to help. The Millennium Packaging team offers a wide variety of customizable service options, from material testing and plant layout recommendations to equipment training, installation and service. Here’s how the process works: 

  • You’ll be set up with a Millennium Packaging expert who is up to date on every piece of material and equipment available from our packaging partners.  
  • This expert and his or her team will visit your facility for a no-cost walk-through. We’ll learn more about your stumbling blocks from both you and your employees. 
  • After visiting, Millennium Packaging will put together a custom quote that includes a phased approach – from cost-effective to major investment. Every warehouse and company is different, and our tailor-fit proposals are designed to work with you and your needs today and in the future. 
  • You’ll choose what recommendations you’d like to move forward with. 
  • Our team stays with you during the installation and training of the new changes and our continued service allows for technical service on equipment you buy from us or any existing equipment. 

Our team has visited thousands of warehouses and plants, across all industries. We work with consumer products businesses, food service clients, electronic distributors and pharma companies, to name a few. If you sell it, we have the materials and expertise to help you package it!  

We hope you’ll join us in being one of our next customer success stories! Contact us today to learn more! 


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