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Sealed Air means sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging means Millennium Packaging

The CEO of sealed air, Jerome Peribere, has sent out the message: It’s all about sustainability. We here at Millennium Packaging are Sealed Air’s only authorized master distributor in the US for Opti NX. Sealed air wants to ensure that everyone they work with grows sustainably and profitably. You can watch Mr. Peribere talking with fortune magazine about how you can make material gains in a resource-challenged world.

With Opti NXG, you get Sealed Air’s patented microlayer technology in an “All-Purpose” series of shrink materials. This revolutionary shrink film technology provides the versatility to wrap the broadest array of applications in the market, everything from small to large packages, on the widest array of equipment. The extended length per roll provides operational uptime and reduced changeovers.

STRONG AND EASY-TO-USE, Opti NXG is available in 30, 42, 55, 70 and 90 gauge, Opti NXG film is easy-to-use and adapts to almost all shrink equipment in the market, often with little to no change in machine settings. The film has exceptional optics, retail shelf appeal and performs as well or better than materials often twice the thickness. The strength of the film maintains that retail appearance through the entire logistics cycle from manufacturing through the ultimate consumer purchase.

You can also take advantage of Opti NXS, which incorporates Sealed Air Corporation’s patented microlayer technology into a “Soft Finesse” series of shrink materials. These films are designed for low temperature shrink and easy sealing features expected in the Sealed Air soft category of films. Opti NXS provides excellent optics and improved mechanical properties, especially toughness and tear resistance.

FINESSE and VERSATILITY, Opti NXS is available in 42 and 55 gauge. The film is very forgiving on a wide range of equipment and is highly tear resistant. The properties are ideally suited for irregular shaped products, soft applications such as converted paper and other lightweight items unable to withstand the shrink force of conventional all-purpose materials. Opti NXS provides a tight shrink appearance and eliminates unsightly dog ears. Optimal retail presentation is easily achieved, even on marginal equipment.

All of this means soaring profits and products that can fly off of the shelves. Millennium Packaging has decades of experience in optimizing the exact packaging needed for a wide array of products. Call us for expert advice at (847) 717 3300 or send us a message.

-Mr. Shrink


Our team at Millennium has decades of experience in the packaging industry, and we understand the nuances of creating the best packaging solutions for any product, any business, and any industry.

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