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Autobag – Automated Bagging Machines

Simple to operate and maintain, AUTOBAG® Baggers can be used for a variety of applications. These automatic filling and sealing machines can be easily integrated into your existing manufacturing line.

Autobag PS 125

With speeds of up to 25 bags per minute, the PS 125 tabletop bag sealing machine is a user-friendly device ideal for low-to-mid-volume operations. The PS 125’s all-electric system runs in either manual or automatic mode and has the capability to print high resolution text, barcodes and imagery directly on the bag. With a plug-and-play configuration, the PS 125 is easy to use and maintain.

Autobag 550

Ideal for e-commerce, short run and on-demand operations, the AUTOBAG® 550 is capable of speeds of 45 bags per minute. The 550’s next-bag-out printing technology prevents queuing and reduces waste. This safe and flexible design is easy to use and offers a 45 degree tilt option for long or fragile products.

Autobag 850

Capable of running bags up to 22 inches wide, the 850S Bagger is perfect for e-commerce or mail-order fulfillment applications. The 850S features a breakthrough bag-opening technology that holds the open bag into place, allowing for easy loading of single or multi-line orders. With a compact design, the 850S is easily integrated into your existing production line

Autobag Side Pouch Bagger

The SidePouch Automated Fulfillment System by AUTOBAG® is ideal for high volume mail order fulfillment applications. This programmable device has a 3-point scanning system, where the SKU, invoice number and shipping label are confirmed before the package is sealed and released. The SidePouch system can easily handle single or multiple items in the same bag.