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Lantech Wrapper Equipment – Stretch Wrappers

With Millennium’s partnership with Lantech wrappers, from semi-automatic to fully automatic stretch wrap machines, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of durable and reliable equipment.

Lantech Q250 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

This Lantech stretch wrapper is the entry-level workhorse machine you’ve been searching for if you’re looking to move from hand stretch film to machine stretch film. Tremendously safe and easy to use, and capable of wrapping up to 10 loads an hour. The great thing about this Lantech wrapper is that it requires minimal preventative maintenance and is fully protected by warranty for 5 years, ensuring a continuity of production.

Lantech Q300 Stretch Wrapper | Millennium Packaging

An Industry Standard — The Most Versatile Stretch Wrapper on the Market. Because of its superior assets, the Q300 semi-automatic stretch wrapper will guarantee higher productivity with less material. By using a power stretch film delivery system like this, you will be able save 50-66% in film cost. This machine also comes with additional options that can boost your productivity:

Lantech Q300XT Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech Q300XT is the big brother to the Q300, adding several benefits to the base model. Warehouses love this machine because the patented XT Cut and Clamp automatically captures and cuts the stretch film, saving forklift operators two minutes per pallet. This premium Lantech wrapper is the next step in automating your warehouse operations, keeping your drivers on the forklift.

Lantech G Series Stretch Wrappers

The G Series is Lantech’s newest creation, it’s ease of use and new wrapping technique make it the perfect combination of quality and performance. The new G Series Stretch Wrappers feature Lantech’s patent pending G Force Film Delivery System that allows you to precisely adjust the film tension, ensuring professional results on every load.

Lantech QL400 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

We’re proud to introduce the QL400, the industry’s first ever intelligent and instructional stretch wrapper. This machine sets itself apart from the competition with Lantech’s patented Load Guardian, a speciality system that intuitively understands and delivers the right containment force for each load, eliminating guesswork and ensuring safe shipment, every time.

Lantech S300 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech S line is a super duty stretch wrapper designed specifically for extremely light, very heavy, irregular, and fragile loads. The design of this stretch wrapper is special because unlike many of its industry counterparts, the load never rotates with the S300. The stretch wrapper mechanism rotates around the load, precisely applying just the right amount of wrap force.

Lantech QL Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech QL is an industry leading automatic stretch wrapper for a reason; versatility and innovation. The packaging industry is nearly unrecognizable from a decade ago, so your warehouse needs a modern solution to these new challenges. The QL Automatic Stretch Wrapper features industry-leading LeanWrap technology which makes your shipments safer, with less waste.

Lantech S1500 & S2500 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Looking for something with a little more production power? We’re thrilled to offer these impressive fully automatic Automated Conveyorized Systems, with the S1500 capable of 45-60 loads per hour and its larger counterpart, the S2500, can wrap anywhere from 60-80 loads per hour. Through automated load indexing, attaching, and film-cutting, these industrial-grade stretch wrappers are guaranteed to reduce labor costs.

Lantech S1200 High Speed Automatic Stretch Wrapper

When your warehouse needs a machine with speed and versatility in equal measure, you want the Lantech S-1200. For a competitive price you can automate your warehouse operations with over 75 pre-engineered options, up to 45 loads per hour, and Lantech’s patented Lan-Logic interface, giving you a whole new level of control over your stretch wrapping.

Lantech SL High Speed Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech SL Automatic is the pinnacle of stretch wrappers. Featuring exclusive LeanWrap Innovations to ensure loads are never crushed, twisted, or broken, giving the perfect amount of wrap force every time; The SL stretch wrappers also boast a wide selection of data and help screens. Equipped with Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 and Pallet Grip, you’ll gain a whole new level of confidence in your loads arriving safely and intact.

If you palletize your products you should consider a stretch wrapper. Stretch wrapping is the process of using stretch film to firmly secure products on pallets for shipping. With Millennium’s partnership with Lantech pallet wrappers, from semi-automatic to fully automatic stretch wrap machines, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of durable and reliable equipment. Lantech stretch wrappers can be customized for any environment and speed. They are dependable and built to last. With our flexible and economic stretch wrapping solutions, Millennium can help you reduce the labor needed to wrap pallets.

Looking to stretch wrap 20-40 loads per hour? Lantech semi-automatic stretch wrappers are what you are looking for. Let us help you choose the right option for you.


You are looking at our most popular stretch wrapper line and it’s not hard to believe that after you see all the incredible advantages it presents. Q Series stretch wrappers are versatile (can wrap anything from large, tall, heavy or fragile loads), customizable based on specific requirements, safe (all motors and wires are completely enclosed), intuitive, reliable, and comes with a 5-year warranty.


L-series semi-automatic wrappers are equipped with the latest, patented innovation by Lantech called LeanWrap®. This technology is only offered through Lantech and it is fundamental to maintain safe-to-ship loads. One of the most important LeanWrap features is the Load Guardian, which is only available on the QL stretch wrappers. The Load Guardian is a control system that’s based on a very intuitive set-up structure that’s ideal to create, maintain, and deliver the right containment force for loads. But how does it work?

This technology starts by using a set-up that intelligently guides users through the profile creation. After the intuitive set-up, this machine continues to be easy to navigate by offering pre-established, yet customizable profile wrap settings (e.g., stack & wrap, stack & band, corner boards, short loads). And if you require any more assistance, the Load Guardian provides simple videos and text instructions to resolve stretch wrapping issues.


S-Series semi-automatic stretch wrappers are well suited for light weight, heavy, tall, and unstable loads. Made of steel with heavy duty components, these machines are very reliable and the best value in its price range.


Have a high speed operation? Looking to stretch wrap 70 loads per hour or more? Lantech automatic stretch wrappers can help get you there. Let us help you choose the right option for your plant.