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Shrink Wrap Machines

Millennium Packaging offers premier quality shrink wrap machines that are available in a variety of sizes and forms depending on your application. Our broad portfolio includes L-Bar, Semi-Automatic, Automatic shrink sealers as well as pre-owned shrink wrappers. Couple your solution with a shrink tunnel at a competitive price point to create the ideal system. With the use of shrink wrappers, you will provide your package with outstanding protection from tampering, moisture, and dust.

Shanklin Shrink Wrappers

With speeds of up to 180 wraps per minute, Shanklin shrink packaging shrink wrap equipment maximize productivity for any operation. Semi-automatic and fully automatic Shanklin Shrink Sealers accommodate a wide range of product types and can be configured to meet your day-to-day product sealing needs with virtually any type of shrink film for virtually any product size.

Arpac Shrink Sealers

ARPAC Shrink Sealers deliver ultimate efficiency and customization to shrink wrap any size product. Pair these high-quality devices with the optimal shrink film to create a reliable operation with minimal waste and reduced packaging material cost. ARPAC Shrink Sealers have a global reputation for durability, high quality, and innovative engineering.

Eastey Shrink Sealers

Eastey Shrink Sealers offer unmatched strength to your most abusive sealing applications. Welded out of ¼ inch of cold rolled steel, an Eastey L-Sealer is the strongest device on the market. When our clients buy Eastey, they expand their abilities to wrap in a wide variety of shrink films – from polyolefin, polyethylene, to PVC.

Shrink Tunnels from Millenium Packaging

Designed to efficiently shrink packages, shrink tunnels are an essential component of any shrink-wrapping system. Click here to learn more.

Shrink Wrapper Equipment

The expert team at Millenium Packaging knows how important it is to find the right combination of machinery and film when perfecting your production line. All Shanklin, Eastey, and ARPAC shrink sealers come with our initial evaluation and continued technical support and maintenance. We partner with the top shrink film providers in the marketplace, coupling your machine with the right material for a high-quality and high-value experience.

Arpac Extreme, Eastey and Shanklin shrink tunnels, along with our pre-owned shrink tunnels, are also available. Millennium Packaging shrink tunnels are able to withstand the harshest packaging environments and handle a wide range of product configurations and film formulations.

Our product experts are available to help guide your team in choosing the shrink sealer and shrink tunnel that’s right for your operation and product. We will work with you to assess your current and future wrapping needs, and create a competitive quote designed specifically for your business.

New and used shrink sealer equipment is available. We can also provide technical service on your existing equipment. Our service technicians are highly trained and certified by the manufacturers of the equipment we offer. They have expertise in the inner workings of each piece of equipment and know how to keep your equipment functioning at optimal levels.

Shrink Wrap Machines from Millenium Packaging

Shanklin Shrink Sealers

Shanklin shrink wrap machines offer speed and flexibility, especially when paired with a Shanklin shrink tunnel. Every sealer is designed to accommodate a wide range of product shapes and lengths. Shanklin semi-automatic and fully automatic models are ideal for hand-fed or automatic-fed products.

Shanklin Sealers feature:

  • Peak output rate of up to 180 PPM on specific models
  • Automatic compensation for package length changes
  • Easy touchscreen operation
  • Max film width: 30 inches centerfold or 60 inches single wound
  • Shanklin 26A and Shanklin 27A models offer FDA approved models
  • Product Separating Infeed Conveyor
  • Closing Discharge Conveyor
  • EZ Load Compact and Dual Roll Compact Centerfolder
  • Dual Roll Compact Centerfolder
  • Large Capacity Selvage Winder
  • Power options available in 208V, 230V or 460V

Given the numerous options available in terms of customization and installation, we have a consistent process to help you choose the right shrink sealer for your plant. Contact us to learn more.

ARPAC Shrink Sealers

With a wide range of shrink sealers available, ARPAC shrink wrap machines offer options with continuous motion, versatility, accuracy, and speed. ARPAC machines provide customization for a huge range of product shapes, sizes, and weights. With its innovative design and fully controllable air flow, the ARPAC Extreme shrink tunnel provides the perfect pair to an ARPAC sealer.

Coupled with the optimal shrink wrap, high-efficiency ARPAC shrink sealers will improve your operations while significantly reducing costs. Contact us to learn more.

ARPAC’s TS37 is one of the most versatile on the market. TS37 machines are used to wrap a wide array of products – from linens and mailers to cosmetics and software. The TS37 provides options for belted infeed, seal jaw bridge, and extended flighted infeed, delivering speeds of up to 80 PPM.

Millennium Packaging can service your existing TS37. Click here to contact us.

The ARPAC Extreme XR wraps 250 PPM and is ideal for low-profile products. With its zero edge sealer, you’ll use 2” less film than other machines on the market. Meet your sustainability goals with this highly efficient machine.

ARPAC Shrink Sealers feature:

  • Capable of running speeds of up to 120 bundles per minute
  • Heavy-duty rugged construction for high durability and 24-7 operations
  • Laser cut and CNC machined components
  • Powder coat finish with a durable scratch resistant surface to prevent corrosion
  • Horizontal/vertical cross seal
  • Missing product detection
  • Plug and play in feeds that support your current and future needs


Eastey Shrink Sealers

Available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic, heavy duty Eastey L-Sealers are designed to wrap your heaviest duty products. Eastey professional series sealers feature an automatic self centering seal system that ensures a consistent seal every time. We can help pair shrink wrap to the right shrink equipment to allow operational efficiency.

Eastey shrink tunnels are just as powerful, weighing almost twice as much as their competitors, and made out of 12-gauge cold rolled steel.

Eastey professional series features:

  • Compatible with polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC shrink film
  • Soft start in-feed and outfeed conveyors to reduce shifting of products
  • Built-in drawer for tools or spare parts
  • Hot knife seal systems and adjustable dwell time for better seal control
  • Power options available in 110v, 220v, or optional 480v
  • Solid state temperature control adjustable for a variety of films
  • Adjustable product tray accommodates wide variety of product sizes
  • Takeaway conveyor can be raised or lowered to center-seal product
  • Automatic takeaway conveyor
  • Heavy duty film cradle allows for easy changeovers and adjustments
  • Adjustable pin perforator provides air evacuation
  • Side seal size from 20” – 50”; front seal size from 16” – 100”
  • Maximum film width up to 44”

Eastey pre-owned machines provide the same level of quality as a new device and require minimal training and maintenance. Eastey parts and maintenance expertise are provided by Millenium Packaging technicians. Contact us to learn more.

Why Choose Millennium for Your Shrink Sealer Needs

Millennium Packaging offers a wide variety of shrink wrap machines that are designed to fit your needs today and to grow with you in the future. ARPAC shrink sealers, Eastey shrink sealers and Shanklin shrink sealers are the market’s top rated sealing machines, with unmatched customization, safety, and sustainability features.

We know that flexible films can be purchased almost anywhere. So why do customers choose Millenium Packaging? It’s simple, our people. We will learn your business and recommend solutions that improve your bottom line. We are here to help when your business grows or your needs change. We know our customers.