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Wholesale Packaging

Packaging materials at wholesale prices through Millennium Packaging. We have access to thousands of packaging supplies and offer the right supplies at wholesale prices. Reach out to our team of experienced packaging material experts to find the right packaging supplies for your operation.

Culture. Teamwork. Tailor-Fit Solutions.

We work closely with each client to create a tailor-fit packaging solution by observing and analyzing current warehousing and packaging processes. We pay attention to the details and develop customized options for the material and equipment that will be best for your products and your business.

The Millennium Packaging experience isn’t just about packaging materials. It’s about holistic, customized packaging solutions designed to your business specifics with your business goals in mind.

Reputation is Everything.

We’ve cultivated long-term relationships with material manufacturers and have a long history of providing our customers with customized packaging solutions. The relationships we built in the packaging industry are the backbone of our growth and success over the years.

We offer thousands of different packaging materials, but we’re not a catalog-based business where you have to sift through page upon page of materials and hope you choose the best options for your packaging needs.

We eliminate the guesswork of ordering the best packaging products by first understanding your business, your products, and your packing and shipping practices. We work closely with you to find the best packaging materials for your products.

The packaging products you choose impact your goals as a company.

Whether you are looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs, or implement more sustainable packing options, Millennium will analyze your business and shipping processes to recommend a tailored packaging solution designed with your goals top of mind.

Millennium now offers over 6,000 customizable packaging items. Shrink. Stretch. Corner Board. Tape.

We’re not a “catalog” business where you have to sift and search through our products to figure out what you need. We use our longstanding relationships, vast product knowledge, and industry experience to create solutions curated for you.