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Arpac Extreme Shrink Tunnels

The Arpac Extreme Shrink Tunnel is a perfect system for small to mid sized operations because of its unique single chamber design. Offered in three sizes to ensure you get the perfect Arpac Shrink Tunnel for your exact needs and nothing less.

As a licensed partner of Arpac, Millennium offers the best prices and service in the industry. When you choose Millennium you can expect full service, from the time you pick the machine. Not sure which Arpac model is right for your needs? Our experts will travel to your facilities, and based on your floor space, shrink wrapping needs, and labor, we will advise you through the entire selection process. When you shop Millennium, you’re buying the peace-of-mind for a job well done. Our installation techs have the decades of experience to guarantee a perfect installation every time — leaving you more time for shrink wrapping.

ARPAC The unique chamber design and airflow system of the Arpac Extreme Shrink Tunnel allow the operator complete control of the shrink process, whether the product and film require a gentle air flow or greater circulation for high speeds and high quality shrink. The innovative chamber bottom pre-shrink gives control of seal placement. On thin products, the seal can be placed on the edge or bottom of the package. The directional air flow controls eliminate dog ears and the small wrinkles left by other designs. Compared to other tunnel designs that use dual chambers, Extreme’s single chamber design is shorter, saving valuable factory space. Single chamber design requires fewer components and controls, lowering repairs and maintenance costs while increasing longevity and reliability of the tunnel.

Arpac shrink tunnels are available with dozens of options to accommodate a range of applications and films. System options include mesh or solid belts, variety of chamber sizes, multiple zones, casters and much more. The patented innovative Vision series features convection heating with a viewing window, allowing for quality control as the product is being shrunk. ARPAC shrink systems also feature the Rockwell Allen-Bradley control platform — ensuring the software works in tandem with the hardware.

ARPAC’s shrink tunnels can process virtually anything wrapped in shrink film. These shrink wrap tunnels are widely used in the food, beverage, personal care and household care industries. They are typically applied to bottles, jars, cans, cartons and much more — we have yet to find something the ARPAC XT can’t shrinkwrap.


Unique Features

Viewing Windows on Both Sides of the Tunnel

The Arpac shrink wrappers’ design is built around ease-of-use and simplicity. With that in mind, it’s built with viewing windows on both sides of the shrink tunnel to ensure operators on either side of the machine can maintain visibility of the products. The windows are built with heat resistant extra-thick glass ensuring safety at all times.

Chain Mesh Belt

Also featuring an optional chain mesh belt for increased flexibility. Choose between the heavy duty wire belt or live roller conveyor; the wire belt is a zero maintenance item, meaning it should run as long as the shrink wrapper is in operation.

Easy to Use Swivel Control Panel

Because Arpac machines are built to allow the operator to use the shrink wrapper from either side, it only made sense for Arpac to build the control panel with a swivel, ensuring it can be used from either side of the machine — operators love this feature!

ARPAC’s XT shrink tunnels produce consistent uniform film shrink using heavy-duty, variable speed blowers and heating elements. This combination creates a recirculating air system that forces air to all package surfaces. These highly capable shrink tunnels are capable of speeds up to 180 feet/min, and offer a wide temperature range to best accommodate all products. The systems handle sizes from small to extra wide, and everything in between, including tall packages. Independent control systems regulate temperature, air velocity and conveyor speeds, allowing the efficient heating system on each machine reduces the amount of electricity they need to run, thus reducing your costs of operation. These machines conserve as much material as possible to reduce packaging waste. As a result, the process becomes more efficient and more cost effective. Due to the customized nature of our products, they can be integrated into any production line.

When you buy Arpac professional shrink wrappers from Millennium, you can count on unmatched access that you can rely on before, during and after the sale. This includes a full complement of state of the art packaging machinery solutions coupled with upfront design engineering, project management through site acceptance, and 24/7 support with quick response for service and parts shipments.


Features and Benefits

Heavy Duty Welded Construction

Arpac has over four decades of experience in building these machines. They go the extra mile with every step of construction so that you never have to worry about breakdowns. The heavy duty welded construction of Arpac Shrink Wrapper gives operators the confidence to execute tough jobs that test the machine’s durability.

Controlled Seal Placement

Arpac XT Machines are designed with a pre-shrink section in the bottom chamber, allowing for the operator to control seal placement on the package

Digital Temperature Control

The digital control unit allows the operators to precisely control the temperature and airflow through the AC variable frequency drive blower motor. The machine is also outfitted with eight directional airflow dampeners to allow for product tuning.

Easy Repairs

Arpac constructs all shrink wrappers to have easy access to all components, simplifying maintenance and preventative repairs.