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Case Erectors: Automate your Packaging Efficiency

Carton erector machines, also called case erectors, help to automate your packaging line process. These machines form, fold, and deliver perfectly squared cases from flat boxes. Case erectors come in a variety of sizes, can be set to different speeds, and even provide different levels of automation depending on your needs.

How Does a Case Erector Work?

Case Erectors work by taking a preloaded blank case from the preloaded magazine of cartons. A unique pickup frame pulls the case and forces it open; this ensures that the case is square to begin with. Next, the machine folds the flaps over before the case moves, making it rigid and locking all four angles at a 90° angle. Finally, a pusher bar that is parallel to the rear wall delivers the case to a spring-loaded side belt. These side belts move the vase in or out to compensate for potential variations in width.

Once this process is complete, a fully erected case will be presented on the other side ready to be filled with your products.


What Levels of Automation of Case Erectors Are Available?

Fully Automatic Case Erectors

If you are looking for a perfectly squared box that is built the same way each time, then a fully automatic case erector is for you. These case erectors can build and seal perfectly square boxes time and time again. Adding this level of automation to your packing process will help you get more products packaged and out the door in less than if you were relying on manual labor to erect each case.

Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

Some products do not fit perfectly into a square box. These products may require a little more hands on application when it comes to erecting the perfect case erector and sealer.

Our semi-automatic case erectors are the perfect mix of automation and the expert judgement of your employees. These carton erectors are perfect for products that are irregularly shaped and require more hands-on application.


What Are The Benefits of Working With a Carton Erector Machine?

At Millennium we offer automation solutions from simple additions to your warehouse to full packaging line integrations. Case erectors are one of the first steps into automation that a packing line should take.


The typical packaging company starts out with manually erecting cases and packing them full of products. This requires a team of employees to take time to pre-fold cases, when their time could be better spent filling cases so they can be shipped out the door. The act of filling boxes takes time, so adding automation to this process allows your workers to focus their time and energy on taking care of your products and getting them out the door to your customers.

Decrease Irregularities

When it comes to packing cases on a pallet to be shipped, the more regular that case is, the safer your product will be. Regularly shaped cases also allow you to fit more products on each pallet when getting ready to ship. Uniform, perfectly square cartons fit better on a pallet than irregularly shaped, uneven ones. When humans fold and form cartons, not every carton ends up the same. The irregularities can come from person to person. Another reason irregularities occur is when one worker begins to fatigue, they start to fold the case in a different manner. Prevent this with an automatic case erector today!

Save Space

If we had to guess, you are like many warehouses. Your workers will spend time each shift folding and forming cases. These pre-folded cases will need to be stored somewhere in the warehouse so they can be filled at a later time.

With case erector machines, you can cut out the need for excess storage of those empty cases. In less time than your workers can grab a preformed case and fill it, your new case erector machine can form and fold that box for you.

Save Time and Money

Anytime you add automation to your packing process you will always save time and money. The sheer volume of cases a machine can fold and form allows you to get more products out the door in less time, but there are other ways to save.

With a machine taking over the formation of your boxes, you can allocate your worker’s time to other tasks that are more intricate. This decreases the need to recruit, hire, and train more employees while shipping more products than you ever have before. Stay ahead of the employment crisis with automation today!

Decreased Employee Injury Due to Repeated Work

Repeated motions performed over time can lead to injury among workers. Anytime you can implement a process that decreases the amount of repetitive motion a worker has to do; you can save yourself money and lost labor due to injury and worker’s compensation claims. That is exactly what our automatic case erectors aim to do.


What Are the 5 Different Types of Cartons?

Straight Tuck Folding Carton

These cartons come with openings at the top and the bottom. The flaps on either end fold into each other to form a seal that is held together by friction. Our customers use these cartons to package small electronic devices, small or individually wrapped food items, many different types of cosmetics, tools, and toys of various sizes.

Cake Style Box

Cake-Style Cartons look exactly like the boxes that your purchase store-bought cakes in. The way these boxes are sealed is by folding the sides into each other. This style of carton is designed with marketing in mind. Translucent panels can be added for further marketing appeal, allowing the consumer to see the product prior to purchase.

Our customers use these boxes for cakes or food items, materials that are elegantly designed and want to be shown off with translucent panels, and other lightweight products.

Tuck Top Fold Carton

This carton is folded similar to the cake box, but the design is more durable overall. These cartons can withstand the pressure of a heavier product as well as the jostling of packages during the shipping process.

Items that fit great into these cartons include electronics, glass and plastic bottles, small laptops and computer components, food items, perfume, and other products that need to be packaged together.

Auto-Lock Bottom Box

These types of boxes have flaps that interlock for tight closure and are the most popular style carton in the packaging industry. The cartons fold fast and are ready to fill in no time.

These boxes are great for heavier items. Our customers use these boxes to package personal care items, food items, candles, and more. These boxes also make great gift boxes.


These boxes are a combination of an outer package with a sliding sleeve that fits into the middle. These cartons make branding your packaging materials easy and deliver your products in a unique, yet functional, outer package.

When thinking about branding products, these boxes only require customization on the outer portion of the package, saving on printing costs.


What Is a Case Packer Machine?

Working with an automatic case erector machine is only one step toward fully automating your packaging process. The next step would be to add a case packer machine. These machines help to automatically fill your cases without the need for manual labor. Our customers get to fill more cases in less time with a case packer machine.

There are many different types of case packers. We have horizontal loading case packers that load the cases from the side. We also have robotic case packers that automatically pick up products and place them into the fully erected cases. There are also vertical or bottom loading case packers that fill each box from the bottom up. These packers allow the product never to leave the machine’s grip, keeping the products safe throughout the process.

How Do I Decide What Type of Case Erector is Right for Me?

Our certified technicians are available to discuss your needs and offer suggestions on the perfect model of case erectors for you. Contact Us today to schedule your consultation!

How Do I Protect my New Case Erector?

We offer a full-service maintenance program to keep your new case erector in working order all year round. Machine down time is not only an inconvenience, but it also results in lost revenue by halting production. In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, our parts and service department will help you troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

Have an issue that can’t be handled over the phone? No problem, our technicians will be able to come to your warehouse and figure out what is going on with your machine.