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Eastey Shrink Sealers

Eastey Shrink wrappers are the most robust L-Sealers on the market today. They provide unmatched durability that comes from being welded from ¼” of cold rolled steel. As a measure of strength, these L-Sealers weigh almost twice as much as competitive models. Their superior strength shows in their ability to withstand even the most abusive sealing applications. To give you dependable performance and high productivity, these shrink sealers can shrink wrap a wide variety of shrink films, from polyolefin, or polyethylene, to PVC.

Eastey shrink sealers include built-in drawers for tools or spare parts, adjustable dwell time for better seal control and heavy-duty casters for transportation within the plant. They also offer adjustable product trays to accommodate an incredible wide variety of product sizing, which allows to produce superior shrinking on virtually any package. Eastey L-Sealers are quite easy to use and require minimal training, but if in need of care, Millennium offers highly trained technicians who provide ongoing equipment support. We also take pride in pairing shrink wrap to the right shrink equipment to allow operational efficiency.