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Eastey Shrink Tunnels

The EASTEY Shrink Tunnels are industry renowned for providing top of the line features without the sky-high cost. Built with versatility in mind, the EASTEY Shrink Tunnels are built to offer all the performance features your operators need to get the job done. The EASTEY Performance shrink tunnels are capable of positively shrinking a wide range of shrink materials including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC.

When you choose to shop for shrink wrapping machines at Millennium Packaging, you’re getting the benefit of our decades of experience. We have the knowledge and capability to get you outfitted with the perfect machine to meet your shrink wrapping needs — always at the best price. When you purchase an EASTEY shrink tunnel you’re getting a rugged machine that is the result of EASTEYs nearly three decades of experience and research.

As a licensed partner of EASTEY, Millennium offers the best prices and service in the industry. When you choose Millennium you can expect a full service, from the time you pick the machine. Not sure which EASTEY model is right for your needs? Our experts will travel to your facilities, and based on your floor space, shrink wrapping needs, and labor, we will advise you through the entire selection process. When you shop Millennium, you’re buying the peace-of-mind for a job well done. Our installation techs have the decades of experience to guarantee a perfect installation every time — leaving you more time for shrink wrapping.

EASTEY’s Professional Series Shrink Tunnels provide top of the line features and the most robust tunnel design on the market today. Expertly welded from 12 gauge cold rolled steel, EASTEY Professional Series Shrink Tunnels will withstand even the most abusive real world shrink wrap applications. As a measure of strength, EASTEY tunnels
weigh nearly twice as much as competitive models.

They are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive shrinking a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC. Variable four-direction air flow, variable air velocity and delayed cool down are just some of the features that provide the durability you have come to rely on from EASTEY. See for yourself why EASTEY has been a leader in the shrink packaging industry for over 25 years.

EASTEY’s Useful Features

As you already know, EASTEY’s professional shrink tunnels are designed to work with all the materials you use on your products like polyolefin, polyethylene, and most PVC shrink films — making sure your warehouse never misses a beat when getting started with your new machines. EASTEY builds these machines with the best materials possible, using 12 gauge cold rolled steel in an all-welded main frame that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Warehouses love these shrink wrappers because customization is easy and even encouraged by EASTEY, giving you all the tools and options to get the job done your way — including heavy duty casters for transportation within the plant. EASTEY machines are some of the fastest in the industry, with conveyor speeds reaching up to 67 fpm, mesh belt conveyor speed up to 100 fpm. You get the choice of three unique conveyor belts for your stretch wrapper:

  • Live roller, “dead” roller
  • Stainless steel mesh belt
  • Optional plastic belt conveyor

The machine comes standard with sealed bearings which actively do double duty, preventing contaminants from reaching the inside of your parts while keeping any lubricants from leaking out — removing a big risk factor in your machine’s longevity. Not all products require the same conditions for positive shrink wrapping, that’s why EASTEY designed the machines with adjustable digital solid state temperature control for a variety of films and products.

Airflow is a big deal when it comes to positive shrinking. EASTEY professional shrink tunnels boast four way-directional air flow that provides positive shrinking, giving the operator the capability to use variable air flow to accommodate a wide variety of products and applications. EASTEY shrink tunnels are able to create more air volume inside the tunnel by utilizing larger ducting, resulting in a faster and better sealed product — if you need a patterned airflow EASTEY also offers plugs to accommodate unique shrinking applications.

If you’re still growing your organization and feel hesitant to purchase a brand new machine we also offer pre-owned shrink tunnels! Millennium Packaging consults warehouses of all sizes across the country, so have the tools and knowledge to help you scale up your operations cost effectively — without sacrificing quality and reliability.

When you decide to purchase one of our pre-owned packaging machines you can rest assured it’s been through a meticulous inspection, reconditioning process, and is covered by a warranty. Millennium Packaging offers a full range of used packaging equipment, from shrink wrappers and shrink tunnels to stretch wrappers and tapers. Our certified pre-owned equipment will allow you to save money while acquiring high quality packaging equipment. Our staffed service technicians will ensure that you receive a functional piece of equipment that is tailored to your products and needs. Browse our inventory, where you can find all types of machinery at economic price points and guaranteed high performance.


Our service doesn’t stop at delivery and installation, we can also keep you stocked up on the supplies you need to keep your shrink tunnel running smoothly. No matter what you shrink, we have what you need: Sealed Air Opti Shrink Film, Sealed Air Cryovac, Sealed Air Cortuff, Polyethylene Bundling Film, PVC Shrink Film, and a variety of other brands. Shrink bands are measured in millimeters by lay-flat width, cut length and thickness. They are available in sizes from 20mm – 1200mm lay-flat and gauges ranging from 0.35 mm – 200mm. Depending on the use, shrink bands are customized by color, opacity, and prints; opaque, clear, tinted or print up to 8 colors.