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Lantech G Series Stretch Wrappers


The G-series stretch wrappers are ideal if you only need to wrap up to 20 loads per hour or you are transitioning from hand wrapping to automated systems.  This high-quality machine is easy to use, efficient, and low cost. It comes equipped with the following options:

  • Pallet Grip ®
  • G Force Delivery System: this Lantech system makes it easy to wrap your loads with the least amount of effort. How does it work? The tension of the film automatically decreases at the start of the wrap cycle, and it increases to the set value after the first revolution. Film tension is easily adjusted by a knob on the control panel and a percentage of the tension is shown on the digital display.
  • Wrap Assist: it is a feature of the Load Guardian system that helps with special wrapping requirements, such as corner boards, top sheets, labels etc.
  • Auto-Film Cut Off: with this feature, the machine automatically punctures the stretch film, so it cuts off at the corner of the load, allowing you to save 30 seconds on operator labor per load.

All G-series are backed up by a 3-year unlimited cycle warranty.