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Lantech S1500 & S2500 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

S-1500 / S-2500 Automatic

Using the automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapping System, these two types of automatic stretch wrappers can increase productivity using minimum floor space. Both machines utilize the standard Pallet Grip feature on your stretch film. They also operate using the Lan-Logix interface, which is a user friendly, intuitive control system that requires little training, and eliminates the need for costly software. Pertaining to both stretch wrappers is the Load Seeking Clamp feature that improves load containment by “seeking out” the load and holding the film against it.

  • S-1500: this equipment can stretch wrap 45-60 loads per hour. The innovational 2-leg design allows for flexibility of in-line, end-of-line, and freestanding load configuration.
  • S-2500: stretch wrapping 60-80 loads per hour, this reliable, user friendly machine is designed for continuous needs of a 3-shift operation. Unique of the S-2500 is the interlocked gate safety feature.