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Lantech S300 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper


This type of stretch wrapper uses a 30” film delivery system, which maximizes stretch film strength and resiliency while at the same time minimizing film use. The machine also applies precise wrap force on the application, which ensures no wasted film. The load doesn’t rotate and is locked to the pallet. This type of stretch wrapper doesn’t have any weight limitations. Offered with the S-300 stretch wrapper is the Auto Film Cut-Off feature, which automatically punctures the film, so it cuts off at the corner of the load, allowing you to save 30 seconds on operator labor per load.

And there are even more options available! From conveyor packages, freezer packages, Nexan plastic cover, Seismic protection package to 2-speed roll carriage, pre-stretch gear 100-300% and wrap cycle pause. This type of stretch wrapper is also backed up by a 3-year unlimited cycle warranty.