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Sealed Air Shanklin Shrink Tunnels

Millennium is the most trusted and experienced vendor for Sealed Air products. We’re proud to boast 16 years of being the authorized Master Distributor for Sealed Air — our close partnership allows us to offer industry-leading prices on Sealed Air machines, and astounding levels of service and support.

Shanklin’s Sealed Air Shrink Tunnels are recognized across the industry for their durability, efficiency, and flexibility — making them the perfect choice for warehouses and operations of any size. Shanklin machines have incorporated a blend of creative ingenuity tempered by sound engineering design. Shanklin engineers are responsible for designing or selecting the high quality components that are assembled into each machine. They continually strive to improve existing machines, and they enjoy the challenge of designing new machines as technology moves forward. Innovative engineering has played a major role in building the Shanklin reputation for quality packaging machines. And today, Shanklin engineering excellence sets the standard throughout the shrink packaging industry.

The air velocity and temperature are carefully controlled to favor the wrapping film, and they are maintained uniformly throughout the length and width of the tunnel. When the packages emerge, the film around them has been completely shrunk to a neat, uniform appearance. The Model T6 is a high performance shrink tunnel, ruggedly built, yet available at moderate cost. Operators love Sealed Air Shrink Tunnels because of their simplicity; set temperature, set conveyor speed, set variable air velocity control, and the Model T6 is ready to perform. The control panel can also hold multiple profiles to save time when making quick adjustments.

Shanklin has trained a dedicated force of skilled craftsmen who take pride in their ability to produce superior machines. Most of the specially manufactured parts that go into Shanklin machines are produced in their very own facilities with the extensive use of computer-controlled machinery helps to ensure maximum quality at minimum cost.

Shanklin machines are assembled by highly skilled mechanics who make sure that every machine is built according to our exacting specifications. Then, every Shanklin machine is checked out and run by one of our top-rated mechanics to ensure that it will operate properly before it is shipped.

Sealed Air’s experience and decades of knowledge play an important role in ensuring our customers receive the utmost performance from their Shanklin machines. Our extensive experience in all phases of shrink packaging will help you determine which Shanklin machine is best for you. In fact, we can put the entire system together for you, including wrapping film, machinery, and accessories. When you receive your new machine, Millennium will go the extra mile to assist you with installation, start-up service, training, and whatever ongoing service you may need to help you keep your line running in tip-top condition for years to come.

Millennium recognizes the importance of keeping your machines in the best possible condition. With all of our machines you can count on continuous support and preventative maintenance for the express purpose of assisting our clients and warehouses. We provide training when you purchase one of our shrink tunnels. Our specialists will ensure your operators are well equipped to confidently run the machine for years to come.

Shanklin’s Best Features

Sealed Air builds their shrink tunnels with versatility in mind. Giving warehouses flexibility is the key to shrink wrapping success. Every machine is equipped with a mesh belt, but a live roller conveyor is recommended and available for wide, heavy products and rolls wrapped in polyolefin or PVC shrink films.

These professional shrink tunnels feature easy-to-use features so that the operator never has to waste time fiddling with complicated menus, also limiting potential damage to the system. The same smart system has the ability to automatically compensate for unexpected package size changes without compromising the success of the shrinking process.

Unique to Shanklin’s Sealed Air shrink tunnels is the automatic film advance system, ensuring light and potentially fragile products can be fed through without issue. A fantastic feature of these machines is that the computer system will show prompts on the screen when it detects the machine isn’t running as efficiently as possible — providing the operators suggestions to optimize the process.

Shanklin’s shrink tunnels aren’t afraid to take on challenging jobs or large products. Each tunnel can accommodate products up to 14 inches high, 30 inches wide, and over 50 in length on select models. We know that replacing the film is an annoying little task that eats up time when added up, so each machine can fit a high quantity of film; the shrink tunnels offer a maximum film width of 30 inches centerfold or 60 inches single wound, ideally lessening the frequency of refills needed. All these great features result in one thing: better productivity. The peak output on Sealed Air’s Shanklin shrink tunnels is up to 180 packs per minute — available in three power options 208V, 230V, or 460V; export voltage also available if needed.


Our service doesn’t stop at delivery and installation, we can also keep you stocked up on the supplies you need to keep your shrink tunnel running smoothly. No matter what you shrink, we have what you need: Sealed Air Opti Shrink Film, Sealed Air Cryovac, Sealed Air Cortuff, Polyethylene Bundling Film, PVC Shrink Film, and a variety of other brands. Shrink bands are measured in millimeters by lay-flat width, cut length and thickness. They are available in sizes from 20mm – 1200mm lay-flat and gauges ranging from 0.35 mm – 200mm. Depending on the use, shrink bands are customized by color, opacity, and prints; opaque, clear, tinted or print up to 8 colors.