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Shanklin Shrink Wrappers

Shanklin Shrink Sealers

Shanklin Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink wrap is a fantastic way to protect your products from tampering, moisture, and dust. Shanklin shrink wrap equipment is one of the most capable manufacturers in the shrink packaging marketplace. Our Sealed Air Shanklin shrink wrap machines come in a variety of different models to meet your specific needs. These shrink wrap machines come in fully automatic models, requiring no operator assistance and semi-automatic shrink wrappers that do require operator assistance. Millennium Packaging places great attention on pairing materials to the perfect shrink wrap equipment to ensure that your products look great and stay protected on the shelves. Given the numerous options available in terms of customization and installation, we have a consistent process to help you choose the right shrink wrap machines and shrink wrap for your plant.

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrappers

Shanklin shrink packaging continuous motion, horizontal, Form-Fill shrink wrap machines that are designed to handle virtually any type of shrink film. They are extremely dependable, since they are equipped with controllers that can be programmed to facilitate shrink wrap equipment set-up, adjustments, and provide fully automatic product handling. Shanklin shrink wrap machines also ensure safety and flexibility, where a photoelectric sensor system automatically compensates for package length change and a password protection structure safeguards sensitive functions and ensures product lengths go unchanged.

Automatic Shrink Wrappers

The innovative design of the Sealed Air A-Series Automatic Shanklin shrink wrap machines provide superior flexibility in your day-to-day operation. Shanklin produces an array of models that can accept products that are randomly spaced out as the machine can be hand or automatically fed, depending on the settings. Capable of wrapping up to 35 packages per minute, this machine will help you get more packages, of all shapes and sizes, into the hands of consumers in less time. Shanklin A series shrink wrap machines come in several different models and are ideal suited for that first step up from a traditional l sealer. 

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrappers

The Shanklin S24 L-Sealer is a shrink wrap machine that requires an operator to shrink wrap products. This model features unique elements, such as:

  • Power Film Unwind
  • Film Inverting Head
  • One-Piece Hot Knife
  • Brushed Backed Pin Operator

These machine features improve operator efficiency which translates into fewer rewraps required, saving you time and money. This technology also prevents machine downtime dealing with frayed shrink wrap and allows for free feeding to keep your products moving with ease. Semi-automatic Shanklin shrink packaging shrink wrap machines include a 3-point sealing arm suspension with an air-magnetic latching, controlled heat-sealing cycle and timer controlled-discharge conveyor. Lastly the advanced wrap equipment configuration will maximize your productivity at a low entry price point.

Optimize Your Productivity

Shrink wrap machines are a perfect way to streamline your shrink film process, but you do not have to stop there. By adding the right shrink tunnel to your shrink wrap system or increasing your conveyor speed; you can increase your productivity and get more products in the hands of consumers in less time. In addition to wrapping products with increased ease, a Shanklin shrink tunnel with the right infeed is a great way to prevent downtime by ensuring your products are fed into the shrink wrap machines at a steady pace and in a uniform way. Ask us today about our premium pricing on Sealed Air Shanklin Shrink Tunnels.

New or Pre-Owned Shrink Wrappers Models Available

Packing equipment can be a large investment, especially when purchasing more than one shrink wrapper at a time. Be sure to ask our technicians about our Certified Pre-Owned equipment options to see which Shanklin shrink wrap machine would be best for you. Rest assured that any Certified Pre-Owned product comes with a warranty as well.

Consultation and Support

Millennium Packaging knows how important it is to choose the right shrink machinery and shrink wrap that meets your needs. Every business is different, and each product has its own specific shrink packaging needs. Our technicians take the time to get to know your business needs first, then make recommendations about the right shrink wrap equipment.

After clarifying the shrink wrap equipment and shrink film that will meet your needs, our technicians will come out to your warehouse to install and configure your new shrink wrap equipment. They will ensure that the shrink wrap machines is working at optimal settings to decrease downtime and make sure you are getting the most out of your new investment. We do not stop there; we will also train your employees in how to use your Shanklin shrink sealer and Shanklin shrink tunnel and help to integrate the new wrapper into your everyday packaging process.

Our Shanklin certified parts and service department are also available for ongoing support and maintenance to keep your new Shanklin shrink wrap machine working and at optimal performance for years to come. Reach out today for a shrink packaging consultation!