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Berry Hand Stretch Film

Blown Hand Stretch FilmConventional Hand Stretch FilmHigh Performance Hand Stretch FilmPre-Stretch Hand Film

Berry Hand Film:
Berry, the industry leader in stretch film technology, offers a myriad of hand stretch films from conventional hand film to high performance to pre-stretch and blown hand films. High performance hand film is the most widely used hand stretch film today. It is a cast film that features a differential, one-sided cling. Cast stretch film is manufactured by “feeding” a sheet of heated resin with a rolling path that has chilled rollers. Once the resin goes on the cooled roller, it solidifies and is then turned into large rolls. Berry Hand film is available in 40, 42, 47 and 59 gauges. This type of stretch film shows exceptional clarity, which allows consumers to see the wrapped products inside. Cast stretch unwinds quiet and easily from the roll and thanks to its stiffness, this film also provides high load containment. Berry Hand film is ideal with manual warehouse applications and A, B, and C type loads. Pre-stretch hand film and extruded pre-stretch are thinner gauge films that are designed to be lighter making them more ergonomic and easier for operators to handle. Pre-stretch films are typically used for lighter and shorter pallet loads and for intra plant transport.