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Berry Machine Stretch Film

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Berry Machine Stretch Film
Berry machine stretch film is produced as either a one side cling cast film or a two side cling blown film. Cast film is available in gauges ranging from 37 to 80. The one-sided nature of the film offers superior performance in all environments and an added advantage in cool and freezer environments. This film can stretch to 300% and up. This machine stretch film is most effective for uniform or semi-regular loads in high volume applications. It is designed with a unique focus on load containment and source reduction, allowing you to have product integrity, pallet security and maximize load stability. Berry machine film shows superior optics, that promote a professional view of the brand and allow for easier identification of the products inside the load. This type of film also offers unparalleled puncture resistance. Because of its thinner gauge and outstanding strength, Berry machine film is better for the environment, as it requires less material to be broken down in the waste stream. This also creates lower costs per pallet, allowing to save during the handling and transportation process.