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Corner Board

Protect your pallets from damage throughout the shipping process with corner boards. Our high strength, water resistant edge protectors prevent damage to pallets, while also allowing for even distribution of weight for safe stacking.

Protect and strengthen your pallet loads with corner boards and pallet edge protectors.

Protect your pallets from damage throughout the shipping process with corner boards. Our high-strength, water resistant edge protectors prevent damage to pallets, while also allowing for even distribution of weight for safe stacking. They are not only great for large-scale pallet shipments, but can also be used for e-commerce packaging as well. 

It’s no secret that packages go through a lot in the shipping process. A perfectly packed pallet leaves your facility to embark on a journey. This journey takes your pallet by ship or rail car across the country or around the world. Space is limited on these vessels so pallets are stacked to save space with little regard to its contents. The travel conditions can be rough, and the pallets get jostled a great deal. With the wear and tear of the shipping process, it is important to ensure that your products are protected and you do what is necessary to minimize product damage. It’s the best way to guarantee your products make it to their destination with the same level of care you used when you packaged them. 

Below you will find a summary of the pallet and package edge protectors available here at Millennium. Many of these products can be combined to enhance your pallet protection and minimize product damage.


corner board
VBoard, also known as corner board or corner boards, is a high-strength edge protector. It is the most used in the industry and is the perfect complement to the stretch film you’re already wrapping on your pallets; Millennium partners with premier manufacturers of corner boards.

The primary use of the VBoard is to guarantee edge protection for pallets, specifically during the transportation process. It is manufactured by laminating up to 100% paperboard into a rigid right-angle shape. This shape is then placed on the edge, corner, top or bottom of a pallet to hold it together during the palletizing, stretch film application, and storage process. Corner boards are in fact excellent to stabilize and distribute pallet loads evenly, which reduces the risk of accidental damages during both transit and handling activities. This thick, sturdy VBoard doesn’t only ensure edge protection, but it also allows for the products (such as pallets) to be easily stacked, saving valuable warehouse space. When stacking pallet load operators refer to VBoard as vertical corner board. Using corners to complement your stretch film ensures you have a unitize pallet with secure edges. 

VBoard has shown great versatility and adaptability, since it can easily be combined with other materials like stretch film and used in a variety of configurations. Corner boards are available in varying wing measurements ranging from 1”- 3.5”, varying calipers (thickness) 0.080-0.400, as well as various board lengths, from 2” long strap protectors to 100+” board lengths. Both standard and custom printing are offered for corners.

Corner boards are not only practical but sustainable as well. The choice of using paperboard instead of other conventional methods (such as wood crates) for corners has shown to significantly cut down packaging costs per pallet load. Paperboard creates a money and energy savings opportunity, because it can be easily cut and formed, and is cheaper and lighter than wood. The use of paperboard also reduces carbon footprint, as it requires less material to be broken down and it can be 100% recyclable.


corner board

FlexBoard is a flexible form of corner board used to protect curved, round products as well as coiled and spooled materials. The evenly spaced notches (every 3”) enable Flexboard to conform to the edges of almost any irregularly shaped product. Common applications are rolls of paper or rolled steel that will be packed as pallet loads and shipped to converters. FlexBoard is available in lengths from 72” to 288” and can be custom printed.


corner board

UChannels are preformed protective pads that offer great edge protection when packaging flat pieces, such as mirrors, headboards, tabletops and glass doors. It slides over the straight edges of the flat surface of the product and prevents it from chipping and cracking. UChannel corner boards are manufactured using laminated paperboard up to 18” wide. They are designed in various width and leg length options that allow for specialized applications. UChannel can be custom printed upon request.   


corner board

UCrate corner board works best when packaging long, narrow products, such as windows, metal rods and glass products. These corner boards are made with a smooth laminated paperboard up to 18” wide and standard caliper options ranging from 0.080” to 0.600”. The UCrate distinctive construction is lighter than wood and easier to load, without compromising impact resistance. This edge protector has shown high flexibility and shock absorption capabilities. UCrate corner boards are not like other single use corrugated crating solutions, but is reusable. Meaning reusing your UCrate solutions can significantly reduce your commitments to the waste stream, while saving on the cost of packaging materials. 

Shorter Lead Times so You Can Get Your Corner Boards Sooner

In the current marketplace, access to supplies are causing a great deal of challenges in all industries, but especially the packing industry. It can take upwards of 8-10 weeks for some corner board manufacturers to ship products once they have been ordered. Delays like these are causing hardship among many industries worldwide. 

Millennium has been able to work around the supply chain shortage by working with several manufacturers. When our customers order a specific pallet protector, we check with each of our manufacturers to see who can get the materials in your hands in the least amount of time. Having more than one manufacturer can cut lead time by up to 4 weeks, leading to less disruption for consumers. 

Some of our customers have products that are customizable. These custom edge protectors can often be difficult to find and only manufactured by one or two suppliers. This can increase lead time as a result. In cases where the corner board is difficult to find, Millennium is able to work out arrangements with our customers to ensure that we keep a certain number of edge protectors on hand for the customer to order when needed. 

Millennium Cares about Sustainability

corner board

Packaging materials are necessary to get goods into the hands of consumers safely. However, excess packing materials can lead to increased waste sitting in landfills. That is why it is important to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. 

Millennium partners with suppliers that use sustainable materials when manufacturing their products. Corner boards are manufactured with 100% recycled paperboard, decreasing your company’s carbon footprint. Paperboard has a shorter decomposition time than other products like wooden crates, which decreases landfill waste overall. Corner board’s biodegradable, water resistant coating helps to protect your materials, in a safe way for the environment. 

Keeping your products (such as pallets) safe, should not increase your pallet or package cost. Millennium’s can offer paperboard edge protectors that are lighter than the traditional edge protectors, decreasing the overall weight of your pallet, decreasing shipping costs. When feasible these sustainable products, UCrate for example, can be reused. Reusing materials saves on the cost of packaging materials, but also decreases waste in the environment. 

We Offer Products Sampling and Shipping Tests

Protecting your pallets is an important step in your shipping process. However, it can be difficult to narrow down which type and size of corner boards or edge protector is right for your needs. This is especially true for highly custom or irregularly shaped items. Having the correct size and shape edge protection will ensure that your product makes it through the storage and shipping process in one piece.  

You will not only have access to product samples, but Millennium offers shipping tests as well. Once you have the type and size of the product nailed down, a trial can determine if the corner board edge protection works for your product. Damaged packages are costly, ensuring you have adequate edge protection is important and can save you time and money in the long run. 

If you are interested in edge protector product samples or to learn more about how Millenium Packing can help you meet your shipping needs, contact our team of experts at (847) 719-6117.


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