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Corner Board

VBoard, also known as corner board, is a high-strength edge protector. It is the most used in the industry; Millennium’s premier suppliers are Laminations, Abzac, and DRC.

VBoard is manufactured by laminating up to 100% recycled paperboard into a rigid right-angle shape. This shape is then placed on the edge, corner, top or bottom of the product to hold it together during the shipping and storage process. The choice of using paperboard instead of other conventional methods (such as wood crates) has shown to significantly cut down packaging costs. Paperboard creates a money and energy savings opportunity, because it can be easily cut and formed, and is cheaper and lighter than wood. The use of paperboard also reduces carbon footprint, as it requires less material to be broken down and it can be 100% recyclable.

The primary use of the VBoard is to guarantee edge protection for pallets, specifically during the transportation process. This corner board is in fact excellent to stabilize and distribute loads evenly, which reduce the risk of accidental damages during both transit and handling activities. This thick, sturdy VBoard doesn’t only ensure edge protection, but it also allows for the products (such as pallets) to be easily stacked, saving valuable warehouse space.

VBoard has shown great versatility and adaptability, since it can easily be combined with other materials and used in a variety of configurations. Corner board is available in varying wing measurements ranging from 1”- 3.5”, varying calipers (thickness) 0.080-0.400, as well as various board lengths, from 2” long strap protectors to 100+” board lengths. Both standard and custom prints are offered for this product.

FlexBoard is a flexible kind of corner board, as it features evenly spaced notches (every 3”) that enable it to conform to the edges of almost any irregular shape. It is ideal to protect curved, round products as well as coiled and spooled materials. Examples are rolls of paper or rolled steel that will be shipped to converters. FlexBoard is available in lengths from 72” to 288”.


UChannels are pre-formed protective pads manufactured using laminated paperboard up to 18” wide. They are designed in various width and leg lengths options that allow for specialized applications. This is a type of corner board that offers great edge protection when shipping flat pieces, such as mirrors, headboards, tabletops and glass doors. It slides over the straight edges of the flat surface of the product and prevents it from chipping and cracking.


UCrate corner board works best when shipping long, narrow products, such as windows, metal rods and glass products. This corner board is made with a smooth laminated paperboard up to 18” wide and standard caliper options ranging from 0.080” to 0.600”. The UCrate distinctive construction is lighter than wood and easier to load, without compromising impact resistance. This edge protector has shown high flexibility and shock absorption capabilities. UCrate is also reusable versus corrugated crating solutions that are single use. Meaning reusing your UCrate solutions can significantly reduce your commitments to the waste stream.