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Sealed Air Cortuff Shrink Film

Millennium Packaging is proud to be a Sealed Air Master Distributor. By working with Millennium, you gain access to all the top-notch Sealed Air products available on the market coupled with the customized solutions and personalized attention of our customer-centric, solution-oriented team.


CorTuff® by Sealed Air

CorTuff® High Abuse Shrink Film by Sealed Air is the strongest shrink film on the market. Performing at unparalleled strength, CorTuff® shrink film can be used as a primary shipping method, replacing bulky packaging like corrugate and clam shell.

CorTuff® is designed to wrap a wide variety of products; from oddly shaped consumer goods to standard shapes that need to look great on a shelf. With superior strength and a clean finished product, CorTuff® is ideal for packagers looking to reduce their product failures and returns due to damage.

One roll of CorTuff® protects as many products as 600 corrugated boxes, freeing up valuable floor space. Unlike polyethylene, it also completely shrinks while in its heat tunnel resulting in less energy used to perform.


StealthWrap® by Sealed Air

StealthWrap® by Sealed Air is a cartoning solution that offers superior product protection while reducing DIM weight costs. Like CorTuff®, StealthWrap® saves valuable floor space; one roll of StealthWrap can replace up to 1,000 corrugated boxes.

Available in two colors (box brown and dark gray), StealthWrap® allows products to be shipped in their own container and saves up to 18% in DIM weight costs when compared to corrugate. StealthWrap® eliminates the need for excess void fill, saving you money and helping you reach your sustainability goals.


Alternative Sealed Air Shrink Films

Sealed Air brand Opti Shrink Film and CRYOVAC brand shrink films provide similar levels of protection to CorTuff®, but at alternate costs and applications. Click here to learn more about Opti Shrink Film and here to discover CRYOVAC.


Learn more about CorTuff® by Sealed Air

Looking where to buy Cortuff®? Millennium Packaging experts are here to help! Through our partnership with Sealed Air, we are excited to offer the right packaging solution for your business. Contact us to learn more.