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Sealed Air Cryovac Ployolefin Shrink Film

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If you are looking for the most versatile shrink film on the market, Sealed Air Cryovac Shrink Film is the product for you. As a Sealed Air Master Distributor, we will be able to provide competitive pricing you cannot find anywhere else. Explore our array of Sealed Air Cryovac® Performance Shrink Films to find the perfect packing solution for your business

High PerformanceSoft ShrinkHigh SpeedAnti-FogHigh Abuse
CT-301D940RD-202RD-45Cortuff 200
CT-303MPDCortuff 300


Our Most Popular Shrink Film: Sealed Air Cryovac Shrink Film

The Cryovac CT-300 series shrink film is an ultra-thin, high efficiency shrink film. This film technology is based on the patented microlayer technology developed by Sealed Air. There is no need for traditional, 5-layer shrink films to wrap those sharp or oddly shaped products any longer. Incorporating 29 microlayers of shrink film, this shrink film is able to shrink wrap a variety of products while maintaining its durability without compromising shelf appeal.

Shrink Film that is Strong and Easy to Use

Not all products are easy to package, that is why choosing the correct shrink films you are working with matters from the start. Large, sharp, or otherwise oddly shaped products are historically difficulty to shrink wrap. These products would require shrink films made with significantly thicker materials to maintain strength and prevent breakage after heat is applied. Cryovac Shrink Film can enhance seal strength without excess film so that these types of products can be wrapped with ease.

The incredible composition of the Cryovac film has shown to improve seal strength with increased durability. Because of its thinner nature, this type of film allows longer rolls decreasing the amount of roll changes without impacting weight. In fact, Cryovac shrink films keep your products wrapped securely throughout the shipping process while decreasing the amount of shrink film used, which also decreases the weight of each package. This new cross-linked polyolefin shrink film has also proven to be highly tear resistant and to have higher shrink energy than other, traditional films on the market.

The Cryovac shrink film is also easier to use compared to thicker shrink films. Because of its extreme tensile and seal strength, this type of polyolefin shrink film is adaptable to a broad range of applications in the market. It can wrap anything from lightweight (toys and games) to large heavy products (houseware and hardware items), with minimal changes in the settings of the machine. Cryovac shrink film is available in six options: CT-301, CT-303, CT-304, CT-305, CT-306 and CT-307.

When it comes to retail shelf appeal, first impressions are critical. Despite the increased tensile strength and durability, Cryovac films show superb clarity, resulting in excellent retail-ready optics. This outstanding strength and resistance also allow enhanced product protection and package integrity from packaging to the consumer’s hands. You can rest assured that your products will make it to the retail shelves in the same condition they left your warehouse in.

Sustainability Matters in Shrink Film

Cryovac shrink film meets sustainable packaging needs without compromising performance or value. The microlayer technology allows for thinner film, which decreases the overall weight and stretch of the material. When compared to other shrink films on the market, Cryovac films are lightweight, and allow for less film per product, increasing sustainability in many ways.

If you are looking to increase efficiency across your entire packaging process look no further than Sealed Air Cryovac Shrink Films. The thinner material allows for longer rolls, which results in less roll changeovers. This helps productivity in two ways: There will be less downtime in your production line due to less frequent roll changeovers and the thinner material is easier to seal and work with when applying heat for shrinking.

The Cryovac film also has lower transportation costs per packaging unit because it can accommodate 30% more film in the same space with no increase in weight. This is not only beneficial to your bottom line, but also to the environment. Less material means a lower carbon footprint. With the use of the ultra-thin Cryovac Shrink Film, Millennium can reduce the amount of material used per package by 30 to 50%.

Another way this film can increase sustainability is in the energy consumption needed to package materials. This thinner film requires a lower temperature in the shrink tunnel and sealing process, translating to lower electricity consumption and reduced carbon generation. Sustainability is important to consumers, choosing the most efficient film on the market helps to keep your company’s carbon footprint lower.

Yes, Cryovac Shrink Film Can Be Recycled

Sealed Air Cryovac Shrink Film can be recycled, even though it is a polyolefin material. This shrink film meets the requirements for the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) code “4”, which means that it can be introduced in the low-density polyethylene stream. Materials that are an SPI code “4” are often turned into garbage cans, furniture materials and other household products.

We recognize that recycling is not always the easiest process depending on where you live. Sealed Air has partnered with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and the how2recycle program making it easier for you to find the nearest drop off station by connecting you to collection points located nationwide.

Additional Shrink Film Questions?

Shrink film is an excellent film that is used around the world to seal and wrap many products. It is a versatile film that leaves products looking great on retail shelves. However, choosing the correct polyolefin shrink film to meet your needs is the most crucial step. Contact us for a consultation to ensure that you are working with the best film for your product’s unique needs.