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Sealed Air Inflatable Void Fill

Millennium Packaging is proud to be a Sealed Air Master Distributor. By working with Millennium, you gain access to all the top-notch Sealed Air products available on the market coupled with the customized solutions and personalized attention of our customer-centric, solution-oriented team.

Sealed Air Inflatable Air Pillows

Sealed Air’s line of inflatable air pillows have a long-standing reputation for quality and durability. Available in standard, economy, and heavy grade weights, air pillows are a great choice when looking to reduce material costs while offering a recyclable end solution.

Sealed Air’s inflatable air pillows are 20-30% more consistently inflated than competitor products and are better at retaining air during transit. These efficient and lightweight air pillows keep your product safe from shifting, bruising and breaking without excess freight costs.

Learn more about Sealed Air’s line of BUBBLE WRAP Brand Air Pillows:

Sealed Air Fill-Air Extreme
Sealed Air Fill-Air Extreme pillows are the standard pillow option by Sealed Air. When compared to paper, this air pillow void fill solution is lighter, reducing freight costs. When combined with an inflatable void-fill machine, Sealed Air extreme air pillows are inflated at up to 100 feet of void-fill per minute. Available in 8in, 10in and 12in lengths.

Sealed Air Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency Heavy Duty Film
Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency film takes the standard air pillow film and cranks it up a notch. Sold in bulk pallet quantities, Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency film is ideal for packaging that requires heavier-duty blocking and bracing, such as canned goods or auto equipment parts. Each roll of film expands to 5,900 linear feet, 40% more than Sealed Air’s standard line of film.

Sealed Air Fill-Air Extreme Air Wrap
Sealed Air’s Extreme Air Wrap is a hybrid void fill and cushioning product. This film is usually used for shipping lightweight items and soft goods where small void-fill or product separation are needed. With only a 3in width, Fill-Air Extreme Air Wrap is the ultimate in efficiency and reduces DIM weight costs. Available in 8in, 10in and 12in lengths.

Printed Extreme Air Film
Branded Fill-Air Extreme and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency films are available. Add up to four colors in a step-and-repeat pattern. Minimum four pallets per-order size. Contact us to learn more.

Need help deciding which air pillow is right for you? Our expert team is here to help! We will work with you to assess your current and future needs, and create a competitive quote designed specifically for your business. Contact us to learn more.


Fill-Air Rocket Inflatable Packaging System

Adding inflatable air pillows to any operation is seamless with Sealed Air’s Fill-Air Rocket Inflatable Packaging System. This ultra-fast air system produces 100 feet of inflatable void-fill per minute in a variety of sizes. The Rocket™ is a plug-and-play machine, operating at full-capacity the moment it is turned on. The Rocket™ has a footprint of only 1.5sq, making it perfect for tabletop placement. Simply load Fill-Air Extreme or Extreme Efficiency film, choose your operation type, and watch as consistently filled air pillows are added to your packaging operation. Click here to learn more.

What are packing pillows?

Air packaging pillows are a void fill solution. Using an inflatable void-fill system, air pillows start out as a film roll and are inflated at up to 100 feet of inflatable void fill per minute. Packing pillows are extremely light weight. Manufacturers who switch to packaging pillows reduce their shipping costs when compared to paper or other sturdy and bulky void fill solutions. When needed, air pillows can be deflated and recycled for efficient disposal or for movement around the warehouse. Packaging pillows can be used for the following applications:

  • Product Separation
  • Blocking and Bracing
  • Carton Lining
  • Wrapping
  • Product Interleaving
  • Smaller Void Filling


Are air pillows recyclable?

Air packing pillows by Sealed Air are recyclable at over 18,000 drop-off locations in the United States. Sealed Air air pillow film displays the “How2Recycle” logo, a labeling system that more clearly communicates how to recycle packaging contents to the consumer. In addition to being recyclable, air pillows are more environmentally friendly than competing void fill solutions. Sealed Air packaging air pillows are made with up-to 37% less petroleum-based resins than other competitor pillows.

How to create less shift in shipments

Using the right void fill can reduce shifting, while also reducing packaging costs and waste. Paper, bubble wrap and air pillows are common void fill solutions that minimize shifting during transit. BUBBLE WRAP® brand inflatable air pillows by Sealed Air maintain 20%-30% more consistently inflated than competitor air pillows, resulting in less damage during transit. This sustainable inflatable void fill solution ships and stores flat, saving valuable warehouse space.

Learn more about Air Pillows for Packaging

Looking where to buy air packaging pillows? Millennium Packaging experts are here to help! Through our partnership with Sealed Air, we are excited to offer the right packaging solution for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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