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Sealed Air Opti® Shrink Film

Provide performance at an economic value and specialty films to address a broad array of market needs.

This revolutionary shrink film technology provides the versatility to wrap the broadest array of applications in the market, everything from small to large packages, on the widest array of equipment. The extended length per roll provides improvements in operational uptime and reduced changeovers.

High PerformanceSoft ShrinkHigh SpeedHigh Abuse
Opti NXGOpti 210Opti 450Cortuff

As a Sealed Air Master Distributor we will be able to provide the competitive costs you require.


The Opti NXG shrink film platform is an ultra-thin high efficiency shrink film, based on Sealed Air’s patented microlayering process. This type of shrink film incorporates 29 micro-layers of film, separating the film from legacy polyolefin shrink films made up of 1, 3, and 5 layers.

Strong and easy to use

The manufacture of Sealed Air Opti NXG films have shown to possess improved seal strength and increased durability. Due to the thin gauge, this type of film yields longer rolls and offers a reduction in the amount of film used per package. This shrink film has also proven to be highly tear resistant and to have higher shrink energy.

Opti NXG shrink film is also easier to use when compared with competitive shrink films. Due to its tensile and seal strength, this type of polyolefin shrink film is malleable to an array of applications. It can wrap anything from light weight printed materials to rugged, high abuse products. Sealed Air Opti NXG is available in six gauges: 30ga, 42ga, 55ga, 70ga, 90ga and 115ga.

With excellent optics, Opti NXG shrink film offers high clarity which is essential for any retail product. The superior strength allows for enhanced product protection and package integrity as well.


Opti NXG shrink film meets sustainable packaging needs without compromising performance. The longer rolls and reduced weight of the film yield to improved operational efficiency. Meaning you will use less material per pack, and you will improve uptime by reducing roll changeovers yielding more finished packages out the door. Opti NXG boasts lower in transit costs as well, because it can accommodate 30% more film in the same space with no increase in roll weight. This is also beneficial to the environment. Less material means increase in waste stream reduction. With the use of the microlayered Opti NXG Shrink Film, Millennium can reduce the amount of material used per package anywhere from 30 to 50%.


Opti NXG shrink films meet the regulations for the SPI recycle code “4” and can be intro’d in the LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) recycle stream.