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Shrink Bands

PVC Shrink Bands

One of the common uses of flexible PVC in the packaging industry is shrink bands. Shrink bands are thin sleeves of PVC that fit around the cap or neck portion of bottles and jars. Shrink bands can fit a variety of containers, including irregular shapes.

Similar to shrink sleeves, shrink bands are shrunk to the container using mechanical shrinking equipment such as a steam tunnel, radiant heat tunnel or hybrid tunnel which combines heat and steam. In order to apply the correct shrink band to a product, it is important to obtain the right measurements. Shrink bands are measured in millimeters by lay-flat width, cut length and thickness. They are available in sizes from 20mm – 1200mm lay-flat and gauges ranging from 0.35 mm – 200mm. Depending on the use, shrink bands are customization by color, opacity, and prints; opaque, clear, tinted or print up to 8 colors.