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Shrink Bands

Shrink Bands

Shrink bands are an excellent way to keep your products safe from tampering and protected from the environment. Made from PVC, these casings wrap around the neck of products, such as bottles and jars. These bands require heat to shrink and seal the band to the product, creating a tamper proof seal. Our shrinks bands come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your needs.

Shrink Band Benefits

There are many benefits to using shrink bands in your packaging process, but the number one reason is to detect and prevent tampering. With this tamper evident packaging that fits around the cap of the product, your consumers can rest assured that the products they purchase from you are safe thanks to shrink bands.

Some products have secure, screw-on caps, while others do not. In these cases, adding a shrink band can also help to seal in freshness and prevent package breakdown, saving you time and money by ensuring that your products stay intact and prevent excess waste.

The variety of different shapes, colors, and prints our bands come in, you can rest assured that your products will retain their shelf appeal despite adding extra packaging.

What do you use Shrink Bands for?

There are many uses for shrink bands on the market today. Designed for easy removal, shrink bands can be used to package sauces, dressings, condiments, drumsticks, prescription drugs, home and garden products, and so much more. Our shrink bands use heat and shrinking technology to create a secure seal to any product, making shrink bands the ideal option for regular and irregularly shaped items.

How do you measure a shrink band?

To apply the correct shrink band to a product, it is important to measure your product correctly. Shrink bands are measured in millimeters by lay-flat width, cut length, and thickness. They are available in sizes from 20mm – 1200mm lay-flat and gauges ranging from 0.35 mm – 200mm. Depending on the use, shrink bands can be customized by color, opacity, and prints. Options include opaque, clear, tinted, or print up to 8 colors.

No two products are the same, which is why choosing the correct size band is so important. While our material experts are always here to help measure your products and ensure you have the correct band to meet your needs, sometimes it is helpful to know how to measure your product independently.

Shrink band measurements are written this way: 26mm X 50mm X 26mm. The first number is the diameter of the shrink band, obtained by measuring the diameter of your product cap or bottle neck. The second number is the wrap around size of the exterior of the cap and should exceed the diameter of the bottle slightly to completely protect the product once heat is applied. Finally, the third number is the height of the shrink band. This number should also be slightly taller than the bottle cap or neck to ensure proper seal after heat application.

The next step is to choose the correct opacity and add any custom print to your shrink band. This helps to add to the overall shelf appeal of the product to ensure your items catch the eye of consumers as they shop in the isles.

How are Shrink Bands Applied?

Shrink bands can be applied manually by hand or with the assistance of a shrink sleeve machine when automation is the ideal option. The methods used vary depending on the size and shape of your product, in addition to your individual warehouse needs.

Once you have properly measured your band to fit your product, now it is time to apply it. The band is placed around the cap or neck of your bottle, then heat is applied to shrink the PVC wrap securely to the product. For the manual option the use of a heat gun is required. Yes, it is true that any device that expels head can help to seal your band in place, however, it is important to get an even, secure seal to keep your products looking great on consumer shelves.

For automatic needs, shrink tunnels are great option. They come in several different options such as steam tunnels, radiant heat tunnels, or hybrid tunnels. Ask our service department which option is best for you!

Need more info on Shrink Bands?

Choosing the correct packaging material is important. That is why our sales department is here to answer all your questions and help to ensure you are paired with the best bands that meet your needs. If you have any additional questions or require additional assistance, contact our team of experts at (847) 719-6117.