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Valfilm Machine & Hand Stretch Films

Valfilm Stretch Films:
Stretch films can be applied by hand or machine to pallets. Stretch wrap is used to wrap products on pallets during shipping. By using stretch films, companies can help reduce product damage, worker injuries, and discourage load tampering. Though all stretch films serve the same purpose, not all of them are created equal. Valfilm stretch films are devised to handle any type of shipment, both regular and irregular.

Thanks to an innovative composition introduced by Valfilm in early 2020, Bio-V Stretch film is the first truly biodegradable and recyclable stretch film on the market. Bio-V stretch film, are multi-layered films made of LLDPE resin (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene).

• When the material is subjected to any natural environment, over 600 microbes consume the plastic, making it a true biodegradable stretch film. And because the material is resin based, Valfilm stretch films can be recycled with any other common plastics.

Despite the different composition, Valfilm stretch films’ performance match all other stretch films, offering high holding force, durability, protection from damage and great optics.

Just like any other, Valfilm stretch films can be applied by hand or machine to pallets.

Valfilm Hand stretch film
Are specifically designed to be manually applied. Hand stretch wrap is used for lower capacity packaging operations, where rolls are shorter and lighter for easier operator use. Valfilm stretch wrap offers:

• Clear and bright appearance with rigidity
• Excellent cling and tensile strength
• Elongation
• Exceptional puncture
• Superior tear resistance

Machine stretch film is intended to be applied with a stretch wrapping machine. The most effective ones are automatic machines which are high-speed automatic systems that apply consistent stretch wrapping strength load containment. Ideal for automatic machines are SAP and SAU machine films.

SAU machine film is an ultra-high-performance stretch film. It is designed with the highest grades of polyethylene and 2 layers of polypropylene and is available in a variety of gauges: 47ga, 51ga, 55ga and 61ga. Valfilm SAU machine film can be stretched up to 320%. This stretch wrap is best in medium and high-rotation orbital machines (45 rpm maximum). This type of machine stretch film is extremely versatile, has superior puncture resistance, and can be used on any machine.

SAP machine film is made with octene and metallocene resins. Valfilm SAP machine stretch film is considered Millennium Packaging’s standard product for machine film, perfect for medium duty machines. It is ideal for application in turntables and low-rotation orbital platforms (25 rpm maximum. SAP stretch film can also stretch up to 300%, but its prime spot is up to 250%, where it exhibits expectational load retention. SAP Valfilm stretch film is best used for standard type “A” loads.

If you’re looking to wrap specific materials, such as ferrous metals where oxidation is a concern, Millennium offers custom stretch films. These custom films are ultraviolet inhibitor films that can offer up to 12-month VCI protection (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor). They are also available in different color tints: white, black, emerald green and reflex blue. Reach out regarding our market leading stretch film prices.

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