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Distributors wanted – At Millenium Packaging, We’re not SHRINKING from Opportunity, We’re STRETCHING our Reach….


We offer the latest technology in thin film polyolefin. 29 Micro layer shrink film is changing the game.

Opti® NXG – All Purpose Shrink Film

Opti® Next Generation shrink film is a high performance product based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This line of shrink film has shown to perform just as well, and in many cases, better, than other considerably thicker gauges. Along with the ability to adapt to the wide variety of shrink film machinery, this new successor in shrink film provides reinforced seal strength, greater durability and longevity, professional grade optics and superb clarity.

  • slide20Opti® NXG incorporates Sealed Air Corporation’s patented microlayer technology into an “All-Purpose” series of shrink materials. This revolutionary shrink film technology provides the versatility to wrap the broadest array of applications in the market, everything from small to large packages, on the widest array of equipment. The extended length per roll provides operational uptime and reduced changeovers.

Opti NX shrink films are available in the U.S. exclusively from Millennium Packaging, a Sealed Air Master Distributor. More information is available at or by calling 888-914-2244. Call us for samples or send us a message.


About Millennium Packaging, Inc.

Millennium Packaging has been a Master Distributor for Sealed Air for the last 12 years. The Illinois-based company is an expert in flexible films and cushioning. The firm also sells and services the equipment for Sealed Air’s stables of products. For more information, send us a message.


Our team at Millennium has decades of experience in the packaging industry, and we understand the nuances of creating the best packaging solutions for any product, any business, and any industry.

We Offer Top Tier Packaging Solutions Because We Partner with the Best.

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