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Top reasons we’re partnering with Lantech


Partnership: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is a mutual arrangement where parties, known as business partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. Collaborating and strategically partnering with another company is essential to improve business outcomes, because it allows companies to offer services and solutions to a broader customer base. Not only will you get access to new demographics, but you’ll be able to provide move value to your existing customers. But choosing the right partner isn’t easy. You have to find one that will allow you to grow together and that will benefit you both for years to come.

Which is why Millennium is very proud to announce the new partnership with Lantech. And to help you understand why we are so excited about this union, we listed the top reasons why we’re partnering with them.


Excellence: Lantech represents the standard in the packaging industry. Its name has been synonymous with innovation since 1972, when the company’s founder Pat Lancaster invented the first rotary stretch wrapping machine. But Lantech didn’t stop there. They continued to revolutionize the equipment with new features and performance enhancing technology ever since. They chose a path of continuously creating equipment that could increase productivity, reduce labor, improve load integrity and enhance plant safety. After reading this sentence, you may have paused and thought to yourself that this is something that all companies aim to do. So how can Lantech machines be any different?

Because over the past 40 years, data have been collected and as we know, numbers never lie. Lantech stretch wrappers have a proven record of delivering:

  • Less downtime: average of 5 fewer downtime minutes daily
  • Less film: safe to ship loads with ½ ounce less film required per load
  • Less damage: average of 1/8 of 1% fewer unsaleable pallets

Innovation: Lantech has always operated with one specific goal in mind: engineering a process that can be easy for the operators working with and on the equipment. If the process if easy, intuitive, and user friendly, then achieving goals of increased productivity and reduced labor becomes more attainable. But how did Lantech accomplish this? It developed an inventive and exclusive technology called LeanWrap®. From the wrap setup of the delivery system, to locking pallets on the load and wrapping the loads, this pioneering system is devised to help the operators get the “correct containment force”. And why is this so important? Because it’s all about the load support. If you get it right, you are able to achieve load stability, and if your loads are stable, you increase the chances that they reach their destinations in the same condition they were in when shipped. In other words, containment force is the key determinant of successful packaging, since it is present everywhere on the load.


Reliability: Here at Millennium, our technicians are Lantech certified and they can work on any machine, from customizable projects (any kind of custom system) to smaller scale machines. But even with Lantech certified technicians, you may need more. What if the machine breaks down? Who’s going to help you diagnose the problem? And what if parts need to be replaced? How long will this take?

This is when Lantech support becomes essential. You need a group of people that you can trust to have your back when issues arise. We chose Lantech not only because their machines are built to last, but also because they provide quick support when something stops working. Lantech offers 24/7 start-up assistance, employee training, and technical support 365 days a year. Unlike many other manufacturers, there are no delays when working with Lantech. Because their machines are assembled in the US, they can guarantee fast delivery of replacement parts for stretch wrappers, with orders filled the same day they’re received.

To give you an idea of how Lantech’s wide-ranging support was crucial in helping us save time and money, below is an example of how our technicians effectively cooperated with the Lantech team of experts while on the job.


“One of our customers needed to install 2 brand new RL fully automatic systems, also known as “ring stretch wrappers”. With this model, capable of delivering 180 loads per hour, the load remains still while the film delivery system rotates around the pallet. During the installation process, we encountered programming issues between the conveyors and the Lantech stretch wrapper. Every Lantech machine comes with a comprehensive stretch wrapper manual, that includes answers to common questions and step-by step operating instructions. This time, the manual schematics weren’t enough. We needed additional collaboration. What’s great about Lantech is the 24/7 support they offer on all of their machines. As we were experiencing difficulties with the RL stretch wrapper, we were able to call Lantech engineers remotely to help us resolve the issue. While we remained on site, we worked collaboratively with Lantech’s programmers to make the proper updates on the program, working in the background of the machine. Needless to say, both stretch wrappers were installed successfully, and our client has been using them ever since”.


Undisputed Leader: Lantech has always been a step ahead of the competition. They are leaders in the packaging industry, because they understand that productivity, dependability and innovation are the core for a successful business. They are able to stay ahead because they continually and relentlessly improve the packaging process. Here at Millennium, we decided to choose Lantech because we want to represent the best products on the market. We want to maintain strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence, trust, and integrity. Combined with Lantech’s products and support, we believe we’re creating the best array to best serve our customers.

If you’re interested in discovering more about our new Lantech stretch wrappers, case erectors, and case sealers along with how Millennium can help you achieve tailored solutions based on your operation and product(s), please contact our team of experts at (847) 719-6117 or send us a message.


Our team at Millennium has decades of experience in the packaging industry, and we understand the nuances of creating the best packaging solutions for any product, any business, and any industry.

We Offer Top Tier Packaging Solutions Because We Partner with the Best.

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