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Strapping Tools and Equipment

Strapping tools and equipment are an essential part of the process to fully secure your products throughout the entire shipping and handling process. To safely secure your loads for anything including stacking for storage in the warehouse, finding the right tools to get the job done will save you time and money.

Strapping tools help you to secure products of all shapes, sizes, and bundles throughout the entire shipping and handling process. We carry a variety of hand strapping, manual or automatic machine strapping tools including wire buckles, plastic buckles, metal seals, heat seals, friction seals, and strapping machinery to meet all your packaging needs.  

If you are trying to choose between banding and strapping the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs. Strapping is a great way to increase the security of your products because, unlike banding, strapping requires a cutting tool to remove the strapping. With the right tools, strapping is more durable, making it the better choice for safely transporting packages and adding stability when stacking pallets for storage. 

If you are looking to secure pallets or looking to bundle long and heavy goods such as wooden slats, strapping tools can help. When strapping more sensitive products, such as corrugated boxes and paper, additional edge protection can be used to ensure that the product does not get damaged during shipping and handling. 

Hand Strapping Tools

When looking for a way to secure loads quickly and easily, hand strapping tools are right for you. Hand strapping tools will work with either plastic strapping or steel strapping to make it easier to meet your needs.

Some examples of strapping tools are battery-powered hand strapping tools, manual or pneumatic sealers and tensioners for steel strapping, and crimping tools. Reach out to our team to discuss which tools would best meet your needs. Contact us !

Machine Strapping Tools

If you are applying strapping to a large volume of loads at your facility, then machine strapping tools would be the best fit for you. Hand strapping and tools can only get you so far, but when you are looking to add automation and increase your volume, machines are the way to go.

Our machines come in different levels of automation including fully automatic, semi-automatic, and automatic machines. These machines are a great way to get more products out the door in less time while decreasing labor costs. 

Plastic Strapping Tools

Polyester and polypropylene plastic strapping tools are a great way to apply strapping to your packing operations with ease. Our tensioners and sealers help you to add plastic strapping to your products so you can protect them throughout the entire shipping and handling process.

Whether you are looking to add strapping to a more durable product with polyester strapping or strap a more delicate load with polypropylene strapping we have tools to support your needs. 

Steel Strapping Tools

It’s no secret steel is the strongest and most durable strapping product on the market. Steel strapping is known for its high tensile strength and breakpoint strength. To fully maximize the benefits of steel strapping and banding tools you will need our steel strapping and tensile tools.

Steel strapping can also come with ridges and thorns. Without the proper tools to apply the steel strapping your workers could become injured in the process. 

What Do Strapping Tools Cost? 

The cost of strapping tools ultimately depends on the type of strapping you are working with and the needs of your warehouse. Whether you are working with steel strapping or plastic strapping, some tools can help you keep your products secure and stable for transport.

When choosing which strapping tools you want to purchase, one thing to keep in mind is the quality of the tools. High quality strapping tools are necessary to properly secure your items. Yes, higher quality tools require more of an investment upfront, but often these products last longer and require replacement less often.

When you can count on your tools to work when you do, you can increase your productivity while also saving on the cost of tools in the long run. Ask our technicians to determine which tools would be right for you!

Free Consultation

As a leading strapping supplier, Millennium Packaging is here to help you meet all your packaging needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are available to answer questions to help you choose the best strapping and strapping equipment that meets your needs. Reach out today!