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The Secrets of Bio-V Stretch Films

Sustainability is one of the most discussed topics in our current society. Furthermore, one of the first images that pops in our head is waste: mountains of plastic bottles and containers floating in the ocean. There is a reason why we’re so aware of the issue of plastic waste. Plastic is the leading material in production and packaging of intermediate

Corner Board that Wins Customers

You may know it as corner board, VBoard or Angleboard, but these terms all refer to the same concept. Corner board is a high-strength, moisture resistant edge protector made from layers of 100% recycled paperboard and coated with biodegradable, water resistant coatings. Corner board can be placed on the edge, corner, top or bottom of the product to hold it

Cryovac shrink film and packaging waste reduction: the sustainable way

We all have heard of sustainable packaging, two words that don’t always seem to belong together. How can packaging, a process involving many materials including plastic, glass, steel, aluminum, paper and paperboard, wood, and foam… be sustainable? Here at Millennium we’ve always focused on the principles of sustainability as part of our business strategy. As a packaging distributor, we are

New ‘Opti NX’ Shrink Film Delivers 30% More Footage Per Roll

These benefits stem from patented Sealed Air 29-micro-layer technology that produces a thinner gauge with better tear resistance and better clarity than many thicker films. The Opti NX also has a wider sealing and shrinking range than standard films, making it the most forgiving film on the market.

Distributors Wanted

Distributors wanted - At Millenium Packaging, We're not SHRINKING from Opportunity, We're STRETCHING our Reach.... WANTED - PACKAGING DISTRIBUTORS. We offer the latest technology in thin film polyolefin. 29 Micro layer shrink film is changing the game.

Millennium Packaging Inc. is on the air!!

Millennium Packaging Inc. is on the air!! NBC 5 Chicago aired the interview twice on Sunday, October 23, 2016 with Art Norman. Once in the 5am hour and once in the 8am hour. Below is a permanent clip! Check out our Fill Air Flow -  from Sealed Air Corp. Many thanks to Art Norman and the crew from NBC 5

NBC 5 Chicago TV segment for Weekend Web with Art Norman

We are so excited to be part of a new television segment on NBC 5 Chicago called “Weekend Web” with Anchor Art Norman. It will introduce our new Fill-Air Flow product to the world. Stay tuned for the air date.

Affordable Packaging System Replaces Annoying Peanuts

For sporting goods retailers tired of the space, cost and messiness of using polystyrene peanuts in shipping boxes, the new Fill-Air FLOW provides an affordable alternative. Replacing packing peanuts for relative peanuts, the $475 inflatable packaging system makes protective air pillows like those used by Amazon affordable for the first time.

Millennium Packaging Article from Green Industry Pros

A new $475 inflatable packaging system from Sealed Air—the inventor of Bubble Wrap and many other packaging solutions sold worldwide—now provides a space-saving, cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to using polystyrene peanuts as void-fill and cushioning in packing boxes.

Sealed Air Means Sustainable Packaging; Sustainable Packaging Means OPTI NX Shrink Film

Opti® Next Generation shrink film is a high performance product based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This line of shrink film has shown to perform just as well, and in many cases, better, than other considerably thicker gauges.

At Millennium Packaging, We’re Sending the Packing Peanuts packing…

Offering Sealed Air quality for less than half the price of similar products aimed at the low-volume market, the compact Fill-Air FLOW unit mounts to a wall or tabletop and produces 11 high-fill or 20 low-fill inflated plastic bags per minute.

Finding the Sweet Spot in E-commerce Packaging

In a 2014 study from Sealed Air, “Packaging for E-Commerce Success," 34% of respondents said that the packaging a retailer uses for e-commerce shipping tells them about the company’s environmental policy and commitment based on the type and amount of packaging materials used.

Cold Chain Protective Packaging

EPS coolers remain a reliable and economical choice for shipping all types of perishable materials. Molded out of quality expanded polystyrene, we do not use filters or regrind materials that can contaminate or compromise the strength and insulative effectiveness of our shipping containers.

Sealed Air means sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging means Millennium Packaging

The CEO of Sealed Air, Jerome Peribere, has sent out the message: It’s all about sustainability.We here at Millennium Packaging are Sealed Air’s only authorized master distributor in the US for. Sealed air wants to ensure that everyone they work with grows sustainably and profitably. You can watch Mr. Peribere talking with fortune magazine about how you can make material gains in a resource-challenged world.