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Millennium Packaging Automation Success with Mitsubishi

Millennium Packaging Announces Kawasaki Partnership Millennium Packaging is proud to announce our new partnership with Kawasaki. As a Preferred Integrator, we are now able to offer the latest palletizing robotic arms from Kawasaki in combination with the service and expertise of our team. “The future of packaging will rely on robotics and automation. It’s a natural choice for us to
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Is My Packaging Truly Sustainable

HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR PACKAGING IS TRULY SUSTAINABLE It’s true, packing materials can create a lot of waste in our environment. That is why it is so important to be mindful of the products you are working with. By choosing more sustainable materials, you can reassure your consumers that your company cares about the environment. Sustainability is a growing
Shrink Film FAQ

Shrink Film FAQs

Shrink film is a clear film that is used to wrap a variety of packages. This type of film shrinks when it is exposed to heat via a shrink tunnel or a heat gun, adding a tight and flawless seal to any package. Shrink wrap or shrink films add tamper resistance and protective layer of material to perishable foods on
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Stretch Film FAQs

Millennium Packaging Inc offers our customers a wide variety of quality stretch film and shrink film options. Choosing the right stretch wrap whether it be hand stretch film or machine stretch wrap to meet your packaging needs can be difficult. Here we seek to answer all your commonly asked questions to help you get the most out of your stretch
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5 Ways Automated Packaging Can Save You Time and Money The number of times a package is handled prior to getting into a consumer’s hands is skyrocketing. The more hands that touch a package, the more money that package costs the company. Packaging systems from decades ago, when manual labor was the only option, are limiting the growth of many
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Lantech Parts and Service Department It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry has changed recently. With the invention of newer and smarter technology, comes the ability to automate processes and automation increases productivity while decreasing costs. This revolution in business, Industry 4.0, caused some major shifts in the packaging and shipping industry. Along with the recent changes to the industry,
Kawasaki Partnership

Millennium Packaging Partners with Kawasaki

Millennium Packaging Announces Kawasaki Partnership Millennium Packaging is proud to announce our new partnership with Kawasaki. As a Preferred Integrator, we are now able to offer the latest palletizing robotic arms from Kawasaki in combination with the service and expertise of our team.  “The future of packaging will rely on robotics and automation. It’s a natural choice for us to
Customer Success Story Automation and Engineering 680

Packaging Automation and Materials Success Story

Automation & Engineering Success Millennium Packaging recently worked with a well-respected global healthcare technology company to transform their outdated packaging process and invest in new technology and equipment that would create a more efficient environment. With the changes implemented, our client is now able to fill 3x as many boxes with the new system and hold 5x more paper void
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Sustainable Packaging: Our Partnership with Sealed Air

Millennium Packaging customers are increasingly turning to paper packaging to reach their sustainability goals – in fact, it’s one of our fastest growing product segments. With end consumers expecting recyclable packaging, and with packing peanuts and hard plastic inserts not meeting that demand, our clients from a variety of industries are reevaluating their packaging and turning to paper. In partnership

Dimensional (DIM) Weight Costs and Increased ECommerce Sales

Driven in-part by the COVID-19 pandemic, 33% of American consumers said they increased online shopping in the past year, with nearly two-thirds confirming that the majority of their shopping is done online. In the United States, consumers are expected to spend $933.30 billion on ecommerce in 2021, up 17.9% year over year. Huge retailers like Target, Walmart, Home Depot and
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Cut Down Packaging Costs with these Winning Tactics

The pandemic has not only changed the way consumers shop. It has also transformed the packaging and shipping industry. With shoppers turning to eCommerce options to purchase their essential and non-essential items, the shipping industry has played an indispensable role in the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The shipping industry has gained immensely from the explosion of eCommerce. Just
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The Rise Of Packaging Frozen Food: Everything You Need To Know

March marks the start of spring, blossoming flowers, longer days and warmer temperatures. But March also celebrates “National Frozen Food Month”, which gives us an opportunity to discuss a topic that’s hot in the news: frozen food and its relation to the global pandemic. According to a report by the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), frozen foods are the primary
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Get the Most out of eCommerce Packaging during the Pandemic

With a global pandemic causing economic and health uncertainties, packaged products have become essential: whether you’re buying cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, medicine or food items, packaging is essential in guaranteeing the safety of everyone. And with safety and uncertainty on everyone’s mind, consumers are changing the way they shop. One of the changes caused by the pandemic is the growth
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Top reasons we’re partnering with Lantech

  Partnership: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is a mutual arrangement where parties, known as business partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. Collaborating and strategically partnering with another company is essential to improve business outcomes, because it allows companies to offer services and solutions to a broader customer base. Not only will you get access to new
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Why is Packaging Design the Silent Salesman?

  To answer the question as to why packaging design is so important, we’re going to start with the quote by American lawyer and author, Elliott Abrams, who served in a variety of foreign policy positions for several U.S. Presidents. During one of his interviews, Elliott said that “first impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere
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The Ultimate Value with Pre-Owned Equipment

With packaging machines that can cost up to 6 figures or more, buying pre-owned equipment has never looked more appealing. But how exactly does it work and how can Millennium Packaging help you? Part 1: The Process The first step in purchasing this type of equipment is finding the right machines. The procurement process usually starts at packaging auctions, where
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The Secrets of Bio-V Stretch Films

Sustainability is one of the most discussed topics in our current society. Furthermore, one of the first images that pops in our head is waste: mountains of plastic bottles and containers floating in the ocean. There is a reason why we’re so aware of the issue of plastic waste. Plastic is the leading material in production and packaging of intermediate
Corner Board Design

Corner Board that Wins Customers

You may know it as corner board, VBoard or Angleboard, but these terms all refer to the same concept. Corner board is a high-strength, moisture resistant edge protector made from layers of 100% recycled paperboard and coated with biodegradable, water resistant coatings. Corner board can be placed on the edge, corner, top or bottom of the product to hold it
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Cryovac shrink film and packaging waste reduction: the sustainable way

We all have heard of sustainable packaging, two words that don’t always seem to belong together. How can packaging, a process involving many materials including plastic, glass, steel, aluminum, paper and paperboard, wood, and foam… be sustainable? Here at Millennium we’ve always focused on the principles of sustainability as part of our business strategy. As a packaging distributor, we are

New ‘Opti NX’ Shrink Film Delivers 30% More Footage Per Roll

These benefits stem from patented Sealed Air 29-micro-layer technology that produces a thinner gauge with better tear resistance and better clarity than many thicker films. The Opti NX also has a wider sealing and shrinking range than standard films, making it the most forgiving film on the market.

Distributors Wanted

Distributors wanted - At Millenium Packaging, We're not SHRINKING from Opportunity, We're STRETCHING our Reach.... WANTED - PACKAGING DISTRIBUTORS. We offer the latest technology in thin film polyolefin. 29 Micro layer shrink film is changing the game.

Millennium Packaging Inc. is on the air!!

Millennium Packaging Inc. is on the air!! NBC 5 Chicago aired the interview twice on Sunday, October 23, 2016 with Art Norman. Once in the 5am hour and once in the 8am hour. Below is a permanent clip! Check out our Fill Air Flow -  from Sealed Air Corp. Many thanks to Art Norman and the crew from NBC 5

New ‘Opti NX’ Shrink Film Delivers 30% More Footage Per Roll

 In a major advance in the premium shrink film market, Sealed Air is introducing Opti Next Generation Shrink Films from Millennium Packaging. The new film supplies up to 30% more footage in the same footprint and at the same price as competitive products, yielding key cost, material use and production advantages.

NBC 5 Chicago TV segment for Weekend Web with Art Norman

We are so excited to be part of a new television segment on NBC 5 Chicago called “Weekend Web” with Anchor Art Norman. It will introduce our new Fill-Air Flow product to the world. Stay tuned for the air date.