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Void Fill & Protective Packaging Solutions

Protective packaging is unique to your product and shipping method. We take the time to determine the best packaging for your product whether it is inflatable air pillows, inflatable bubble, paper, or foam.

Kraft Paper

Recyclable packaging is the ultimate way to meet the demand of customers who are seeking to reduce waste. Paper packaging by SEALED AIR® is ideal for non-fragile items, but can also be used as a void fill for dirty or heavy products, such as mechanical parts. Our team can help you add paper to your fulfillment operation without risking shipping damage or adding to your bottom line.

Sealed Air Inflatable Void Fill

BUBBLE WRAP® brand inflatable air pillows are 20%-30% more consistently inflated than competitor air pillows; shifting and damage during transit. This sustainable inflatable void fill solution ships and stores flat, saving valuable warehouse space. It’s also recyclable at over 18,000 drop-off locations nationwide.

Sealed Air Inflatable Bubble

SEALED AIR® BUBBLE WRAP brand cushioning pouches are inflated on-demand in whatever quantity is required. Inflatable bubble wrap requires significantly less storage space when compared to traditional packaging solutions, because it’s stored flat and ready-to-use on demand. Inflatable cushioning reduces overwrapping and is designed with technology that ensures the bubbles don’t pop on impact.

Sealed Air Instapak

Instapak® is the gold standard in foam packaging. This versatile solution ensures your product arrives damage-free while dramatically reducing your packaging costs. Instapak® foam packaging fits every operation and can expand up to 280 times its liquid volume.

Sealed Air Tempgaurd Cold Chain Solutions

Cold chain packaging solutions by SEALED AIR® extend shelf life and the delivery radius of temperature-sensitive products. Offered in a variety of sizes, TempGuard solutions are ideal for e-commerce food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Sealed Air Bubble Mailers

Made with BUBBLE WRAP® brand cushioning, SEALED AIR® Bubble Mailers keep your most fragile products dry and safe during transport. These cushioned mailers offer a self-sealing strip for easy, self-sealing convenience.

Sealed Air Padded Mailers

SEALED AIR® padded mailers feature heavy duty outside construction and BUBBLE WRAP® inner padding. The mailers are 100% recyclable and provide extra protection and strength with their double-folded and double-glued bottom edge.

Sealed Air Poly Mailers

For your non-fragile items, SEALED AIR® Poly Mailers eliminate wasteful excessive packaging. These sleek, non-padded mailers offer heavy duty protection with a secure film that’s tear-resistant and waterproof. Multiple sizes and colors are available.

Sealed Air Foam

SEALED AIR® fabricated foams offer superior damage protection in a variety of colors and densities. With this ultra-protective foam, you’ll reduce the need for additional packaging for fragile products and eliminate excess shipping charges.