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Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is ideal to protect and secure heavy-duty shipments. The high tensile strength of steel strapping keeps your loads secure during the entire shipping and handling process. 

Steel or metal strapping is a great way to secure loads for shipping. The high tensile strength that only steel band strapping can provide helps to secure heavy-duty industrial loads and is great for reinforcing shipments to keep them safe during the transportation process. This type of strapping is great for shipments that require superior strength and maximum load retention. 

Steel banding and strapping come in painted or wax material to minimize corrosion. This is great for keeping packages protected during storage and transportation. High quality strapping steel keeps your products safe without having to worry about corrosion or decreased strength over time. This also helps to keep loads that tend to shift a lot during transport as the strap will not stretch or snap.

The rigidity of steel strapping helps to pass the strap through the bottom of the pallet, making hand strapping with steel easier. Since steel strapping can be tough on the muscles of workers and even have thorns or sharp edges, quality steel strapping tools are key to maintaining safety for your workers. 

Who Uses Steel Strapping? 

Steel strapping is used in a variety of settings. If you are working with heavy duty or large products steel strapping would be a great fit for you. The increased rigidity, high break point levels, and high tensile strength make sure that your pallets do not move during transport.  

Regular duty steel strapping is primarily used for reinforcing shipments and for unitizing and bundling materials to enable efficient handling within the warehouse. Steel strapping is not only strong but also versatile as well. 

If you are working with a large volume of products that require steel strapping, we have strapping machines that can help you add automation to your strapping process. This takes the pressure off your workers while helping to get more products out the door in less time. 

How Much Weight Can Steel Strapping Hold?

Steel strapping is the strongest material you can find for securing your pallets. Steel banding or strapping can maintain the appropriate tension to keep your packages secure, especially when working with heavy-duty industrial-grade loads. Heat-treated steel delivers extreme breakpoint levels, but it depends on the type of steel strap used. Ask our packaging experts to evaluate the steel strapping you use and recommend the optimal strapping specifications. 

When you are stacking pallets for storage or transport, you can rest assured that steel strapping will be able to keep those products safe and secure the entire time. Steel strapping can come in rolled coils of up to 120 lbs. This material can come with a breaking strength of up to 1800 lbs. and a tensile strength of up to 145,000 lbs./square inch. This ensures that your larger products get to their destination safely. 

Complimentary Strapping Audit

As a leading strapping supplier, Millennium Packaging is here to help you meet all your packaging needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are available to answer questions to help you choose the best strapping and strapping equipment that meets your needs. Reach out today!