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Shrink Film

Our Sealed Air Cryovac and Sealed Air Opti polyolefin shrink films provide performance at an economic value to address a broad array of market needs. Additionally, we offer high performance PVC shrink films, shrink bands, and polyethylene bundling film to ensure we have you covered for your unique shrink application.

Sealed Air Opti® Shrink Film

This revolutionary shrink film technology provides the versatility to wrap the broadest array of applications in the market, everything from small to large packages, on the widest array of equipment. The extended length per roll provides operational uptime and reduced changeovers.

Sealed Air Cryovac Shrink Film

The industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of engineered, multi-layered, specialty shrink films. Our films offer superior shrink, toughness and optics that provide unsurpassed merchandising appeal and product protection for industrial and consumer goods.

Sealed Air Cortuff Shrink Film

Polyethylene Bundling Film