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Shrink Films

Our Sealed Air Cryovac shrink films and Sealed Air Opti polyolefin shrink films provide performance at an economic value to address a broad array of market needs.

Sealed Air Cryovac Ployolefin Shrink Film

Our Total System approach will help you choose the perfect shrink film for your needs. This approach focuses on performance improvements by delivering consultative services, customized equipment modifications, packaging application specialists, technical services, and a nationwide network of distributor partners. We help you come up with shrink film solutions that meet your unique packaging needs.

Sealed Air Opti® Shrink Film

This revolutionary shrink film technology provides the versatility to wrap the broadest array of applications in the market, everything from small to large packages, on the widest array of equipment. The extended length per roll provides operational uptime and reduced changeovers.

Sealed Air Cortuff Shrink Film

CorTuff® High Abuse Shrink Film by Sealed Air has the highest durability of any shrink film on the market. Wrap your most awkward boxes or your sharpest product while maintaining an attractive end product with CorTuff®.

Polyethylene Bundling Film

Whether printed or plain, polyethylene bundling film offers multiple levels of protection for your product, ensuring a safe and damage-free transit and delivery.

PVC Film – Reynolon PVC Shrink Film

Reynolon PVC shrink film is designed to wrap almost any sized or shaped product and offers the versatility you need for faster and smoother changeovers. PVC Shrink Film offers a sparkling clear end result, leaving your product looking great on a retail display.

Shrink Bands

Precision is key when selecting the right size shrink band, which are the sleeves of PVC that fit around the neck or cap of a bottle or jar. Our team is here to help you select the right shrink band for your product, ensuring superior product protection and appearance.


Shrink film is a plastic covering that wraps many consumer goods. This plastic film can be clear or printed and is used in a variety of ways. The purpose of this plastic film is to protect your products from contamination, keep your products from getting damaged, add tamper protection and increase the merchandise appeal for your consumers. Many companies use shrink film to secure their products because it is versatile, durable and easy to use.

Shrink film is applied to the outside of many consumer goods and set into place with heat. This packaging material allows consumers to visualize your product while also maintaining product integrity. There are many different styles of plastic shrink wrap and each serves a unique purpose. Shrink wrap can accommodate many different shapes and sizes and is an especially great option for sharp or irregularly shaped items.  



Shrink film is made of many different materials. The most common materials you will find at Millenium Packaging are polyolefin, polyethylene and PVC film. These films are most notable for their ability to shrink when heated, allowing for a tight and flawless seal. 

Polyolefin film is a high performance shrink film that is both durable and versatile. This film is also FDA approved for safely packaging food materials. This film can be used as an outer covering on a frozen pizza or as the thin, outer cover over an electronic device. Our Cryovac Shrink Film is a great polyolefin product. 

Polyethylene film is a durable shrink wrapping film that is used for products of all shapes and sizes. The durable nature of polyethylene film ensures that your products get from the packaging warehouse to the consumer shelves in the same shape you left them in. 

Reynolon PVC is a film that is commonly used to package a wide variety of materials including textiles, print products, aseptic products, and food and beverages. This material is also used to create shrink bands that fit around the neck of any bottle or jar. This material is extremely flexible and is even capable of creating bags in all shapes and sizes. PVC shrink film decreases wrinkles in packaging adding to merchandise appeal. It even ensures that flexible office supplies, such as paper, are not curled up in the corners eliminating the need for expensive backboards. 



When you are choosing where to buy shrink film, look no further. Our shrink films are designed with versatility in mind. Here at Millennium Packaging, we realize that products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We believe that it is possible to package your materials with the best shrink film, despite the size or shape of your product. Our Cryovac Shrink Film is designed to accommodate any size product. While our polyethylene bundling film is perfectly designed to package bundles of products, such as a case of water or canned beverages. 

Sharp products can cut through many standard clear shrink films, but our Sealed Air CorTuff film is strong enough to withstand sharp edges while keeping your products packaged to perfection. You no longer have to worry about your products making it to the hands of the consumer in one piece.

Need a plastic shrink band to secure a bottleneck on your product? Our shrink film can do that too! 



Durability matters when it comes to choosing the perfect shrinking film to work with. The goal is to find the perfect film that is able to protect your products while still looking great, no matter the size or shape. No more punctured plastic wrap during the shipping process leading to compromised product integrity. 

Increased durability doesn’t always mean thicker, more rigid plastic films. We carry films that are extremely durable, without increasing thickness. Our Cryovac CT-300 series films use an ultra thin, high efficiency technology to provide you with strong coverage, with less shrink film material. Our New Opti NX Shrink film is made with a 29-micro-layer technology that provides a thinner gauge, which decreases the amount of wrap needed to cover each product, but is tear resistant to keep your products protected and looking great all the way to your consumer. 

Some products are extremely durable, while others are a lot more delicate, that is why durability is our top priority. Our Reynolon PVC shrink film is built to be puncture resistant. This film also keeps your packaging secure from marks and abrasions; keeping your products looking their best all the way to the hands of your consumers. Have a product that is sensitive to heat? No problem, PVC shrink film is perfect for heat-sensitive products too. 



Working with shrinking film shouldn’t increase the complexity of your warehouse’s packaging process. Shrink films can be easy to use. Our high efficiency products help to make your roll of shrink film last longer, decreasing how often the rolls need to be changed over. Less downtime for roll changeovers make your packing process run smoother and more seamless than the standard rolls. 

The New Opti NX shrink film is the most forgiving film on the market with wider sealing and shrinking range than standard films. This film is also designed to work with soft items that can’t withstand the shrink time of conventional, all-purpose materials, making this film the perfect one for paper goods that cannot withstand the force of traditional plastic shrink films. All of our films, including our PVC films, are made to accommodate products in a variety of shapes and sizes increasing its versatility, while also maintaining design. 



When consumers are strolling down the aisle at the local grocery store or the local Walmart, optics are what draw them into a product. It may not reflect how amazing your product is, but if you can increase the visual appeal of the outer packaging, you will be able to draw more consumers to your products easily. 

As mentioned above, our films are built with durability in mind. Maintaining integrity of your plastic shrinking wrap helps to keep your product perfectly packaged all the way to those consumer shelves. The Sealed Air Cryovac film is tough to keep the plastic film intact, but its ultra thin technology provides with really great optics to increase merchandising appeal. For a great, printed shrink film our polyethylene bundle film is what you are looking for. This film comes in plain or a printed variety so we are able to meet your unique needs. 

For a sparkling clear end packaging look no further than our New Opti NX shrink film or PVC films. There is nothing worse than thick, wrinkled, or bulky film that destroys your products’ merchandise appeal. These films provide better clarity than the standard film, so your consumers can marvel at your amazing products without the worry of bulky plastic wrap. 


When it comes to plastic shrink film, there are many ways to keep costs more affordable and increase your production up time. All Sealed Air Opti shrink films have up to 30% more footage of film per roll. This extended length per roll decreases the need for frequent changeovers, improving your production up time. Inventory space can also be saved, because you will be using less film overall. 

Our shrink films require less packaging for your products, helping you package more products with less. Sealed Air’s thinner gauge film technology helps to wrap more products with the same amount of shrink film than the standard film. This thinner film results in less roll changeovers, keeping your production running longer. Our films also require less heat to activate the shrinking process, leading to less energy usage as well. 

Thinner gauge shrink films will also decrease shipping costs. Securing your products with less film in the same amount of space decreases the weight of the load overall. When it comes to your company’s bottom line, our shrink films will help you meet your budget goals. 



Sustainability is important to us here at Millennium Packaging. That is why we have taken measures to ensure our products are as sustainable as possible. One way we are able to increase sustainability is to help our customers decrease plastic waste, doing our part to help your company decrease its carbon footprint.  

When choosing a sustainable shrink film, it is important to think about efficiency. Working with a plastic film that is strong and won’t break easily helps decrease waste. Choosing a thinner film also allows you to wrap the same product with less materials. Our Cryovac Shrink Film is a great example.

Our polyolefin shrink films are also recyclable. Check out the nearest recycling facility in your area to find out where your company can start recycling today! 



With so many options out there for shrink film, it can be hard to choose which one would be best. Our customer support team will discuss your company’s needs and help you choose the best fit for you. Contact our customer service team to discuss your packing needs and get a quote today. Fill out our contact form here or give us a call at (847) 719-6117.