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Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch film is used to manually secure lower capacity packaging operations. This film is great for shipping as well as storage within your warehouse. Our stretch wrap is designed to improve load stability while protecting your products from the warehouse all the way through the transportation process. We use a variety of different hand stretch films to be able to meet your company’s unique needs.

What Is Hand Stretch Wrap?

Hand stretch film or hand stretch wrap is a form of plastic wrap that is used to secure lower capacity packaging operations. The rolls are shorter and lighter making them easier to manipulate by hand. As the pallets are loaded with products of all shapes and sizes, the pallet is then wrapped with a plastic wrap to keep your products secure and in a safe space on the pallet. This ensures that the products do not shift during the handling of the load, while also maintaining the safety and integrity of your products. 

Hand film is applied to the load manually and comes in all different shapes and sizes. Products with sharp edges can be difficult to wrap effectively. If you are running into this issue with your pallets, our tear- resistant and puncture- resistant high- performance hand films are right for you. 

Hand stretch wrap is a convenient tool for protecting smaller shipments, whether you already have a machine stretch wrapper or not.

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The Composition of the Stretch Film Matters

Not all stretch films are created equal. This is especially true with hand stretch film. Because you are manually wrapping pallets, you want a way to work with your stretch wrap efficiently and effectively. You want a hand stretch film that is durable, but not too thick. This cuts down on waste and allows for pallet wrapping with ease. Thicker film does not always equal increased durability, in fact, it can mean the opposite. Thicker film does not stretch very well, causing it to tear easily while wrapping the pallet. 

Saving money starts with the stretch film you choose. Choosing the right stretch film will not only decrease damaged products, but a hand stretch film that allows you to get more loads secured with less wrap saves you time and money. Less is more, especially in this instance. 

Thicker film is not always the answer to wrapping pallets with sharp edges or irregularly shaped boxes. A thinner film with more durability can do the same thing a thicker film can do. The key lies in the ability of the hand stretch wrap that is well designed, you can maintain stretch while also keeping your products safely secured throughout the entire shipping process. 

Different Types of Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch films come in all different shapes and sizes, but as mentioned above, it is important to know what type of film will efficiently and effectively meet your needs:

Blown Stretch Film

Blown stretch film is a great way to secure heavier items and keep them from shifting during the shipping process. This type of film has a high puncture resistance and is great for load holding force. The superior consistent cling ability allows this product to be able to secure both perfectly symmetrical as well as high irregular loads. 

Cast Hand Stretch Film

Our cast hand stretch film is great for loads with sharp edges or any load where puncturing or tearing of the film is a concern. The exceptional strength and cling abilities make this form of hand stretch wrap an excellent choice to secure and pallet during transport. 

Banding Hand Stretch Film

If you are looking to bundle, secure, and unitize smaller items, banding films are right for you. When wrapping loads, the exceptional cling of this product allows you to wrap your products with ease. 

Hand Wrapping vs Machine Wrapping

Hand stretch wrap is a practical and convenient tool for protecting smaller shipments, whether you already have a machine wrapper or not. Some of the qualities of our hand stretch films include: 

  • Clear and bright appearance.
  • Rigidity
  • Excellent cling and tensile strength.
  • Elongation
  • Exceptional puncture
  • Superior tear resistance

One of the greatest determinants to tell you if you need to be using a machine to wrap your packages, is the number of loads per day. If you are at or above 10 loads per day, you should consider transitioning to a machine wrapper.


At Millennium Packaging we always strive to decrease our carbon footprint and decrease plastic waste in the world. Our hand stretch films are made of recyclable or biodegradable materials because we understand that the quality of the product matters. We also choose products that are easy to stretch and allow you to safely secure your pallets without using additional or excessive amounts of stretch wrap to get the job done. In addition, many of our products can be recycled. 

Valgroup stretch film is designed with sustainability in mind. The company’s goal is to promote a circular economy for plastics, including stretch film. Their mission is for plastic to never become waste. 

Bio-V Hand Stretch Film is the first truly biodegradable and recyclable stretch film on the market. The science behind Bio-V stretch film lies in the multi-layered films made of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Resin, which allows this product to degrade fast and efficiently.

Sustainability is important in the marketplace across the board. At Millenium, it is important to us that we can help you meet your sustainability goals with our pallet wrap. That is why we choose to carry items that align with that mission. 

Knowledgeable Technicians Available to Support You

Choosing the right hand stretch film is an important decision, because choosing the wrong wrap can be costly. That is why we have our most knowledgeable technicians available to discuss your unique needs and help you choose the product that is right for you. Contact us today for more information.