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Hand Stretch Films – Valgroup

Valgroup machine and top-quality hand stretch film, designed to meet your company’s unique needs


Valgroup Stretch Films

Stretch films are essential for shipping. They keep items safe and in place so that your goods can make it anywhere they need to go.

To be specific, stretch film is specifically used to wrap products on pallets during shipping (whereas shrink wrap is used for small, individual units.) Though all stretch films serve the same purpose, not all of them are created equal. Many stretch films out there are thicker than necessary, leading you to spend more on stretch film and also create more waste. 

 Contrary to popular believe stretch wrap doesn’t have to be a wasteful product. By purchasing stretch film that is well-designed with sustainable materials, companies can reduce their liability and their carbon footprint at the same time. 

Valgroup stretch films offer all of this and more. These films are expertly devised to handle any type of shipment, both regularly and irregularly shaped. And, they offer a variety of options.

We want you to have the most education on stretch films so that you can make the most sensible choice for your shipping needs. With knowledge of stretch films, sustainability, and machine maintenance, you can help streamline your long-term packaging and shipping process. Just like any other pallet wrap, Valgroup stretch films can be applied by hand or machine to pallets.

Sustainability and Valgroup

Valgroup has one primary goal – for plastic to never become waste.

As businesses are well aware, there is a lot of material that goes into packaging and shipping. Most of these materials are plastic.

Plastic is a very efficient development for the shipping industry (and many other industries.) Valgroup knows this as a leading packaging solutions company. This set their goals on promoting a circular economy for plastics, including for stretch film.

A vital aspect of shipping pallets safely, stretch film, usually ends up in landfills. Valgroup has taken the initiative to find a way to reduce stretch film’s impact, developing eco-friendly options that can reduce waste for companies worldwide. 

Stretch film is undoubtedly one of the most innovative results of Valgroup’s initiative. They created two specific stretch films that are expertly designed to be strong and thin. Therefore, these stretch films decrease the quantity of stretch film you need, which in turn decreases your film costs and your company’s impact on the environment.

Bio-V Stretch Film

This stretch film is the first truly biodegradable and recyclable stretch film on the market. The science behind Bio-V stretch film lies in the multi-layered films made of LLDPE resin (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene.) These layers are what make Bio-V degrade fast and efficiently.

What most do not realize is that many biodegradable plastics cannot break down anywhere. Usually, they require lots of sunlight to break down. This is a major concern as most stretch film ends up in a landfills. Furthermore,  many so-called biodegradable plastics can release harmful gasses and microparticles into the environment.

Bio-V stretch film is the opposite. It adapts to nature, attracting over 600 microbes to consume the plastic, with no need for sunlight. This allows Bio-V to quickly break down, releasing harmless compounds that will not disturb the flow of nature.

It’s important to note that the biodegradable aspect of Bio-V stretch film by no means affects its performance ability. It offers durability, high-holding force, and great optics. 

PCR Stretch Film

Challenging waste is at the heart of Valgroup PCR stretch film. Made from 25% post-consumer recycled content, this film allows you to directly participate in a circular plastic economy while still protecting your shipments with top-quality stretch wrap.

Valgroup PCR stretch film is a product of Valgroup’s diligent recycling efforts. Their recycling plants use pyrolysis, a method of turning plastic into oil by way of heat. This oil is made into polymers that create all kinds of packaging materials. What makes pyrolysis even more sustainable is that it produces enough oil for Valgroup to run their recycling plant, making production almost carbon neutral.

The recycled nature of Valgroup’s PCR stretch film also makes it very cost-effective, especially if your company participates in Valgroup’s recycling initiative. Valgroup offers the opportunity for you to send in your sorted film bales to – in return – receive new recycled film.

Types of Stretch Film

Just like any other, Valgroup stretch films can be applied by hand or machine to pallets. So, which one do you need?

No matter which suits your operation, Millennium always keeps both hand film and machine film in stock. This way, if you run out of film, there’s nothing to worry about. Plus, we provide both same day or next service so that you can get your packages wrapped safely and securely.

Hand stretch film

Hand stretch wrap is used for lower capacity packaging operations. This means that the rolls of film are shorter and therefore lighter, making it easier for manual use. Hand stretch wrap is practical as a convenient tool for protecting smaller shipments, whether or not you already have a machine stretch wrapper.

Valgroup ValLock hand film is designed specifically for manual applications, offering qualities such as:

• Clear and bright appearance with rigidity
• Excellent cling and tensile strength
• Elongation
• Exceptional puncture
• Superior tear resistance

Machine Stretch Wrap

Machine stretch film, on the other hand, is intended to be applied with a stretch wrapping machine. The efficiency of this wrap depends on the machine.

The most effective machines are automatic, featuring high-speed systems that apply consistent stretch wrapping strength load containment. These machines function best with our SAP and SAU formula machine films.

SAU machine film

This ultra high-performance stretch film is extremely versatile. It has the highest grades of polyethylene, designed with 2 layers of polypropylene. This allows Valfilm SAU machine film to be stretched up to an incredible 320%. Even with its stretching capabilities, this stretch film retains superior puncture resistance.

When it comes to machines, SAU machine film is most suitable for medium and high-rotation orbital machines (45 rpm maximum). However, this stretch film can work with any machine. 

SAU machine film is available in a variety of gauges: 47ga, 51ga, 55ga, and 61ga.


SAP machine film

Made with octene and metallocene resins, Valfilm SAP machine stretch film is considered Millennium Packaging’s standard machine film product. It is perfect for medium-duty machines.

SAP machine film is especially ideal for application in turntables and low-rotation orbital platforms (25 rpm maximum.) It can stretch up to 300%. But, its prime performance is up to 250%, where it exhibits optimal load retention. SAP Valfilm stretch film is best used for standard type “A” loads.

Custom Stretch Films

If you’re looking to wrap specific materials, such as ferrous metals where oxidation is a concern, Millennium offers custom stretch films. These custom films are ultraviolet inhibitor films that can offer up to 12-month VCI protection (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor). 

Hand Stretch FilmUltra High Performance Machine Stretch FilmUVI ProtectionSustainable Stretch Film
VallockSAUUVI Machine StretchBIO-V SAU

They are also available in different color tints: white, black, emerald green, and reflex blue. Reach out regarding our market-leading stretch film prices.

Millennium’s Maintenance Promise

Successful machine wrapping isn’t in fixing problems – it’s in preventing them. That’s why Millenium offers full tech services for stretch wrapping machines to guarantee that your stretch film is set for success.

Think of our team of technicians as stretch wrapper doctors. They are trained and certified in all kinds of stretch wrapper machines. Most importantly, they know how to identify an issue before it becomes a major problem. This is a key aspect in reducing your liabilities when shipping, from product damage to worker injuries to preventing load tampering.

Our team of technicians work with both our potential clients and regular clients. If you’re interested in exploring a new stretch film from us, we will send our technician first to try it out. Why? Because it is the only way to certify that you are purchasing the right product that will decrease your shipping liability.

Once you’ve settled on the right stretch film for you, Millenium technicians don’t disappear. Our team of technicians remain readily accessible for routine maintenance. They will make sure that your machine has the right parts and functions so that you are do not face a random malfunction, especially on a major packing day.