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Stretch Film Wraps

Stretch film is a great way to protect your products throughout the handling, packing, and shipping process. At Millennium Packaging we have a variety of stretch films to meet your packaging needs. If you prefer to work with machine wrapping or hand wrapping, our products can support you.

hand stretch wrap - Millennium Packaging, Inc.

What Is Stretch Wrap?

Stretch film is a popular and cost-effective way to contain loads before to storage and shipping. Once you load your products it is important that those boxes or packages do not shift or fall over, otherwise you risk damage to your products. With our blown stretch film or cast stretch film, you can rest assured that your products will remain safe and look great throughout the entire shipping process. 

No matter your load’s shape, size, or fragility, here at Millennium Packaging we have a stretch film that can meet your needs. Some loads are particularly delicate and those loads call for a stretch film that can to stretch but does not apply too much pressure and risk damaging your products. While other loads are more uniform and durable, allowing for quick machine wrapping. 

Our customers appreciate the superior strength of our stretch film because it can decrease tears, which minimizes the amount of wrap needed to wrap your products. For great visual appeal, we carry films that can wrap your products with the highest clarity without a high price tag. 

Not all stretch films are the same, and neither are the loads that need to be contained. Our technicians are available for consultation to help you determine which product is best for you.

Hand Stretch Wrap

hand stretch wrap - Millennium Packaging, Inc. Hand stretch wrap is an excellent option for delicate loads or smaller volumes. Whether you are shipping across the globe or your plant, our hand stretch film is the solution for you. It’s no secret the shipping process can be rough on products if they are not properly packaged, which is why load containment is so important. Here at Millennium Packaging, we work with a variety of stretch films available; our technicians can help you find the product that will best meet your needs. You can apply stretch wrap to the load manually. Our hand wraps come in all different shapes and sizes.  Products with sharp edges can be difficult to wrap effectively. If you are running into this issue with your boxes, our tear-resistant and puncture-resistant hand films might be right for you. Hand stretch film is a convenient tool for protecting smaller shipments, whether you already have a stretch wrapper or not.

Machine Stretch Wrap

machine stretch wrap - Millennium Packaging, Inc.

Are you looking to add a more streamlined process to secure and wrap your products? For companies with larger volumes of loads that need containment, machine wrapping is right for you. Pallet wrapping helps to keep your loads secured in a uniform, stable and efficient way. 

When working with a machine stretch wrapper, the type of film you are working with matters. We have stretch film in a variety of widths and gauges to meet your needs and match the wrapping machine you are working with.

How Should I Choose Between Hand Wrapping & Machine Wrapping?

The answer to this question lies in the number of loads you are wrapping per day. Many small operators can get away with hand wrapping their products, but once you are working with a larger volume of products it is typically best to transition to machine-wrapping pallet. A stretch machine can wrap your products in less time than a human laborer using hand stretch films. 

Machine wrappers can save on the amount of wrap used per load while providing the proper load containment. One of the greatest features of stretch film is the ability to stretch, so that less film is used per load. A human laborer can only stretch wrap a film about 60-70% if they pull the film as tightly as they can. While a machine can stretch that same film about 250%, using less film per load, saving you on the cost of shipping. At a pace of 10 loads per day, a machine will pay for itself. 

Another aspect to consider is the security of your products throughout the entire storage and shipping process. When you have a larger volume of loads to be wrapped, it can be difficult for a hand stretch wrapper to uniformly wrap every load the same. A machine can create a secure, uniform, and efficiently wrapped load in less time than any hand wrap can.

Check out our Stretch Film FAQs to learn more!

Custom Stretch Wrap

All stretch films serve the same purpose, not all of them are created equal. This is especially true when you are dealing with products made of specific materials that can break down or otherwise become damaged if not contained properly before leaving the warehouse. Our custom films also provide you with the ability to increase load appearance and allow you to send out printed pallets with ease. Millennium Packaging offers custom stretch films to make meeting your shipping needs easy.

Berry Hand Stretch Wrap

If you are looking for high performance hand or machine stretch film, look no further than Berry brand wrap. Berry offers a myriad of hand stretch films including conventional hand film, high- performance stretch film, pre-stretched wrap, blown and cast stretch films. Our technicians are available to help you choose which wrap will work best for you.

Berry Machine Stretch Wrap

Berry machine stretch film comes in cast film or two-sided cling blown film that will work great with your wrapping machine. For uniform or semi-regular loads in high volumes, machine stretch wrap is right for you. With a focus on load containment and source reduction, Berry allows you to rest easy knowing your loads will arrive at their destination safely and in the same condition they left your facility in.

Valgroup Wrap

Whether you are working with regular or irregular loads, Valgroup’s hand stretch wrap or machine stretch films are right for you. Light and easy to use, this film will allow you to secure your loads with ease. Valgroup’s goal is to decrease your company’s carbon footprint by decreasing plastic waste. Not only is the stretch film durable to prevent waste, but the film can be recyclable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.

A Note on Sustainability

Sustainability is more important now than ever before. It’s no secret that the packaging industry creates waste, but not all packaging is the same. As sustainable packaging becomes more of a focus industry- wide, our goal at Millennium Packaging is to help your company do more with less. We work hard to ensure that we are doing all we can to ensure that you are meeting your company’s sustainability goals. 

From biodegradable stretch films to choosing to offer thinner, more durable products, we can help you keep your load safe throughout the shipping process while helping the planet. Rest assured, we will keep working on new and innovative ways to increase sustainability across all our product lines because our planet matters to us all. 

Check out our Bio-V sustainable stretch film. This film is the first truly biodegradable and recyclable stretch film on the market. The science behind Bio-V stretch film lies in the multi-layered films made of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin, which allows this product to degrade fast and efficiently. 

In addition to the makeup of our products, we offer many additional ways to maintain sustainability in the everyday use of our products. Our stretch film has excellent stretch ability and superior elastic recovery, this helps to decrease the amount of film that is used per load. If you can use less stretch wrap per load, you automatically decrease your waste and save on your shipping costs. 

Knowledgeable Technicians Available to Support You

Contact us today to discuss your needs and find the product that is the best fit for you. Our stretch film experts are standing by to answer all your questions and guide you to the most effective and efficient way to protect your products.


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