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Valgroup Stretch Film

Whether you are working with regular or irregular loads, Valgroup’s stretch wrap is right for you. Light and easy to use, this film will allow you to secure your loads with ease. Valgroup’s goal is to decrease your company’s carbon footprint by decreasing plastic waste. Not only is this stretch film durable to prevent waste, but the film can be recyclable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.

What Is Valgroup Stretch Film?

Valgroup machine and top-quality hand stretch film are designed to meet your company’s unique needs. Combining highly efficient, top- quality stretch film with sustainability in mind is what you will receive when working with Valgroup. Their stretch film comes in both hand stretch film and automatic stretch film. Within the automatic stretch film options, you can choose the right type of film to fit your wrapping machine. 

What Types of Valgroup Stretch Film Do We Carry?

Hand Stretch Film

Manual or hand stretch film is designed for use in lower volume, smaller loads. This film offers practical handling, good stretch ability, and puncture resistance to decrease tears in the film. This type of film is sustainable for any type of load including regular loads, irregular loads, and lighter loads. The manual stretch film comes in a conventional hand stretch film, stiff stretch film, pre-stretched film, and Eco stretch film without the core. 

Machine Stretch Film

Automatic stretch film is designed for use with stretch wrapping machines. They offer a collection of automatic films that serve your wrapping machine including automatic and semi-automatic machines. This machine stretch film is designed to withstand maximum stretches of up to 250% or more depending on the film you choose and is compatible with most lighter loads that have low criticality. 


At Millennium Packaging we always strive to decrease our carbon footprint and decrease plastic waste in the world. Our hand stretch films are made of recyclable or biodegradable materials because we understand that the quality of the product matters. We also choose products that are easy to stretch and allow you to safely secure your pallets without using additional or excessive amounts of stretch wrap to get the job done. In addition, many of our products can be recycled. 

Valgroup has one primary goal – for plastic to never become waste. As businesses are aware, there is a lot of material that goes into packaging and shipping. Most of these materials are plastic. With this in mind, Valgroup set their goals on promoting a circular economy for plastics, including stretch film. They have taken the initiative to find a way to reduce stretch film’s impact on the environment, developing eco-friendly options that can reduce waste for companies worldwide. 

Valgroup has created two different stretch films that are expertly designed to be strong as well as thin. These include the Valgroup Bio-V Stretch Film as well as the Valgroup PCR Stretch Film. This allows the company to use less stretch film, which in turn decreases the company’s waste and impact on the environment. Not to mention the cost savings when you can wrap more pallets with less stretch wrap. 

Knowledgeable Technicians Available to Support You

Choosing the right stretch film is an important decision. You want to choose the film that meets your needs, is the most cost- effective, and decreases your carbon footprint. That is why we have our most knowledgeable technicians available to discuss your unique needs and help you choose the product that is right for you. Contact us today for more information.