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Void Fill & Cushioning Machinery

Millennium Packaging partners with Sealed Air to deliver you best-in-class protective packaging equipment. These machines are extremely versatile and made to protect any type of product, with options for automated or manual usage. Every protective packaging machine we offer can be easily integrated into your existing manufacturing line.

Sealed Air Instapak Equipment

The SEALED AIR® Instapak® system provides fast and efficient solutions for your high volume packaging applications. These machines rapidly produce custom-shaped cushions that greatly reduce damage with exact product positioning. Instapak® foam expands up to 280x it’s liquid volume on-site, reducing storage space and material costs.

Sealed Air Bubble on Demand Machines

BUBBLE WRAP® brand Flex is an on-demand inflatable cushioning system with speeds up to 90 linear feet per minute. The Flex offers unmatched fulfillment velocity while providing protective cushioning and package protection. Faster inflation maximizes your manufacturing line and gets products out on time.

Paper Void Fill Machine

The SEALED AIR® ProPad creates custom length paper pads, making it an ideal paper system for cushioning, blocking and bracing. At half the weight and footprint of traditional paper packing solutions, the ProPad is easy to integrate into your current packaging operation. This sustainable packaging solution is designed with a single motor, reducing power consumption and conserving energy.
SEALED AIR® on-demand paper void-fill systems can solve any sized packaging void. The SEALED AIR® void-fill systems are designed to prevent paper jams – reducing maintenance and down time. Both their kraft and white fanfold paper are curbside recyclable.

Sealed Air Void Fill Machines

SEALED AIR® Void Fill Machines inflate on-demand air pillows that offer an efficient void fill solution free of bruising and damage during transit. These Void Fill Machines are easy to add to any line, and, in combination with SEALED AIR’s inflatable air pillows, deliver a sustainable solution while decreasing your bottom line.