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Food Processor

Our solutions ensure your products are properly packaged and delivered fresh to the consumer.

There is a large gap between packaging a pizza and potato chips. Millennium is product-agnostic and offers a wide array of packaging solutions that can be customized for your products and processes.


Beverage Stretch Wrapping

A beverage distributor approached Millennium with the need to eliminate hand stretch wrapping coupled with a warehouse space limitation. We implemented a mobile robotic stretch wrapping solution which automated their stretch wrapping process and allowed them to wrap anywhere on the plant floor.

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Frozen Pizza

Millennium conducted numerous shrink film trials with a frozen pizza producer to ensure Sealed Air shrink film accomplished their goals of minimizing downtime and improving the aesthetic of their product to the customer

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Frozen Foods

For a national frozen pastry producer Millennium utilized our staffed service technicians to rebuild their shrink wrap systems improving their sealing ability, ultimately increasing speed and efficiency allowing more pies to get out the door.

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Frozen Pizza – Case Study

When it comes to frozen pizza, it is very important to shrink wrap the frozen product at a speed that will keep up with the high customer demand. It is also essential that the frozen pizza is shrink wrapped following safety guidelines, while ensuring superior esthetic of the packaging.

And it’s following this scenario that an Illinois frozen pizza producer approached the Millennium Packaging team. They were having issues with the shrink film they were using and needed to find an effective solution that would guarantee outstanding optics while maintaining high-speed production. The Millennium Packaging team examined their wrapping operations, as well as the type of shrink film they were using.

When shrink wrapping frozen pizza at high-speed, it is important to have a conveying system that allows for smooth movement to prevent crust chipping and damage to the toppings. After the analysis, Millennium Packaging recommended to integrate a high-speed belted conveyor into a custom in-feed Shanklin shrink tunnel. What’s amazing about these shrink tunnels is that they are intended to apply heat to the shrink film very quickly, so that the product gets minimal heat exposure while ensuring energy efficiency.

And it is with the high-speed wrapping system that you really notice the quality of the shrink film. After evaluating our client’s shrink film performance, Millennium Packaging recommended switching from the Clysar shrink film to the ultra-thin high efficiency Cryovac shrink film. Its innovative composition of 29 micro-layers has shown incredible results over the years, with superior seal strength and greater durability. Because of its thinner nature, the Cryovac shrink film also allows for longer rolls, which reduces weight in film used per package. One of the biggest issues with frozen pizza is maintaining clarity: since it is taken in and out of the freezer constantly, you can get a hazy look. The Clysar shrink film that our client was using created issues of clarity, to the point of not being able to scan bar codes. And it is here that the Cryovac shrink film can help, by providing a clear, crisp film ready for the grocery store.

By combining the use of the Cryovac shrink film with the new wrapping system, we were able to allow our client to handle frozen pizzas at a rate of 80ppm. This represented almost a 10% increase in efficiency over the use of other shrink films. The solution that Millennium Packaging provided allowed our client to keep up with the demand of frozen pizza, while eliminating the issue of clarity and product damage.