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Do More with Less

Sustainability is a key area of focus in the packaging industry, and we are focused on helping our customers do more with less and ensure we’re doing our part to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

We offer a wide selection of biodegradable stretch films and other packaging products that you can use to protect your shipments as well as the planet.

At Millennium, we’re always looking for ways to innovate and embrace sustainable practices, and we have developed creative ways to do more with less, such as reformulating how shrink films are manufactured to produce higher yields (using the same amount of raw material).

Innovation. Sustainability. Partnership

Millennium Packaging is committed to helping you achieve your business’ sustainability initiatives through the products we offer. This is why we seek out material partners who are aligned in this shared goal and foster the same level of commitment to sustainability that we do.

Understand how Valgroup is at the forefront of sustainability to ensure that plastic is not only being recycled, but being recycled the right way to get the most out of the product.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable packaging is still in its infancy as manufacturers explore how different materials can be created, broken down, or reused for a greener approach to packaging products.

Sustainability is a process, and Millennium has an ongoing commitment to forming partnerships around sustainability in the packaging industry.

If your company is looking for more sustainable packaging options, we can help you find the best materials available, without sacrificing product quality and uses in your warehouses.

Partner Commitments to Sustainable Packaging Products

  • Sealed-Air is moving to a new, fully recycled product.
  • Pratt Industries offers fully recycled, corrugated cardboard products. (100% Post Consumer)
  • Valfilm has created a new BioV stretch film. The new structural makeup of the film includes an additive that can be broken down by microorganisms. It doesn’t impact the performance of the films and keeps them from sitting in landfills.

Sustainable Beyond Materials

True sustainability in packaging is about more than the makeup of materials. It’s also about finding solutions to reduce waste and increase efficiency in the packaging processes.

This is why Millennium Packaging is committed to helping customers do more with less.

Our customer-first approach to packaging solutions has always been rooted in customized solutions created with efficiency in mind. This commitment will continue to grow and evolve alongside the sustainability innovations taking place in materials and processes in the packaging industry.

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