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Lantech Q300 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Q-300 is an industry favorite for a reason. There isn’t a single more versatile or customizable stretch wrapper on the market. At Millennium Packaging, we consult and assist every step of the way; from assessing your warehouse needs and optioning your stretch wrapper, to providing regular maintenance to your Lantech Q-300 in the future.

Because of its superior design, the Q300 semi-automatic stretch wrapper will guarantee higher productivity with less material. By using a power stretch film delivery system like this, you will be able to save 50-66% in film cost. Designed with all motors and wires securely enclosed, our clients love the Lantech Q-300 because it’s the safest option on the market, ensuring employees are risk-free.

We don’t bother with a lengthy sales pitch because the Lantech Q-300 semi-automatic stretch wrapper does the work for us. There’s a reason clients demand Lantech, they’re the best at building stretch wrapping machines and they stand the test of time. This stretch wrapper is a great step towards warehouse automation, with the Lantech Q-300 able to wrap up to 35 loads per hour and boasts a maximum load weight of 1800kg.

The Lantech Q-300 semi-automatic film delivery system was designed with durability in mind. Lantech understands that these machines operate in warehouse and industrial environments, which is why they build them able to withstand years of heavy use with regular maintenance. Your machine will come with a comprehensive Lantech Q-300 parts manual so that you’ll always have the answers you need. Purchase of the stretch wrapper also comes with a 3 year unlimited cycle warranty.

The Millennium Packaging team goes the extra mile by offering parts and service on the equipment we sell as well as your existing equipment. Our service technicians are highly trained and certified by the manufacturers of the equipment we provide. Whether it’s a Lantech Q-300 belt replacement, or just simple upkeep, we have expertise in the inner workings of each piece of equipment, and know how to keep your Lantech Q-300 film delivery system functioning at peak productivity.

Millennium’s comprehensive plans include:

  • Installation – With our professional installation services, we can ensure you not only have the best stretch wrapping machine, but that it works flawlessly for your business.
  • Training – We don’t simply deliver the machine and go. Our experts take the time to train your warehouse on safe operation. Your order also comes with an extensive Lantech Q-300 Parts Manual.
  • Replacement Parts – Millennium Packaging’s partnership with Lantech means we are able to offer customers a comprehensive selection of replacement parts and equipment.
  • Timely Service Support – We understand that in the logistics business, time is everything. That’s why when you buy a Lantech Q-300 semi-automatic stretch wrapper from us we offer technical support tailored to your needs.
  • Overhauling Options – We’ll visit your facility and carefully observe which products you’re using and how you’re using them across your operation. By first understanding how your current operations run, we can collaborate to find improved products and more efficient processes.

Millennium Goes the Extra Mile

We care about the details. Millennium goes beyond the competition; we’ll come to your warehouse and help you make it as efficient as possible. We’ve visited thousands of warehouses and plants across all industries, experiencing the processes driving production, packaging, and shipments for every type of product imaginable; if there’s one thing we know, it’s that no two companies have the same packaging needs.

Millennium has you covered — you’ll have what you need, when you need it. Customers can buy stretch wrap anywhere, yet they consistently choose Millennium Packaging because our people and our service are unmatched. No two packaging solutions are the same; our technicians understand this and will learn the ins and outs of your packaging process, and make recommendations to upgrade and improve your warehouse solutions, tailored to your needs. We build trusted partnerships, working closely with our customers as their business grows, and their needs change. We know our customers.

Millennium Packaging offers a full range of customizable services, including:

  • Tailor-Fit Inventory and Supply Chain Solutions
  • Material Testing
  • Equipment Installation, Training, Maintenance, and Service
  • Plant Layout
  • Equipment Integration
  • Automation & Robotics

Lantech Q-300 Available Options

Outfit your new stretch wrappers with numerous options and upgrades

Extended Wrap Height
Increase the wrap heights of your loads. Replace the 2032 cm (80″) mast with a 2794 cm (110″) Mast.

Pallet Grip
Makes a “cable” of film that locks the load to the pallet. The durable Pallet Grip film cable decreases the risk of damage during shipment.

Stretch wrap more loads per hour at the touch of a button. By using infrared technology, this remote eliminates the requirement of installing a ceiling mounted lanyard. So, add this feature and increase your peak production speed even more!

Turntable Washdown
Use water at “city pressure” to clean the turntable. Make sure that the water can drain from the Area.

Power Roller Stretch Plus – Film Delivery System (FDS)
Protect your fragile loads! This option senses and adjusts the wrap force to the changes in the tension on the film. It is for a turntable speed more than 12 rpm, for very light or fragile loads, or for exact control of the wrap force.

220 V – 50/60 Hertz 15 AMP
Adds a transformer to the machine.

Cold Environment
Operate in temperatures below -1 C to -18 C (+31 F to 0 F).

Put the load on the turntable with a forklift or a pallet jack.

EZ Weigh Integrated Scale
No more worrying if you’re over the maximum load weight. Weigh and wrap loads in one step with a scale built into the turntable, so that you can eliminate the guesswork. This option is also great for keeping track of shipping weight as well.

Pit Mount
It lets the operator put the load on the turntable at floor level. This is available for 1651 mm (65″) and 1829 mm (72″) turntables. Note: The customer must install this option.

Oversized Turntable
Increase the length and width of your loads. A turntable with a 1829 mm (72″) or 2438 mm (96″) diameter is available. Note: The 2438 mm (96″) turntable has a maximum of 8 rpm.

Netting Film Delivery System
Applies stretchable and non-stretchable netting. This is for loads that have a requirement for ventilation. Note: This FDS cannot use the standard stretch films.

Dual Turntable
Add a second turntable to increase loads per hour and efficiency. The operator can start the wrap cycle on the first turntable and put a load on the second turntable, increasing peak production speed for your forklift operators.

“Non Powered” Turntable Conveyor
The maximum load weight is 1814 kg (4000 lb). The maximum load dimensions are 1702 mm L x 1321 mm W x 1905 mm H (67″ x 52″ x 75″). The pass height is 178 mm (7″)

“Non Powered” Conveyor
The maximum load weight is 1814 kg (4000 lb). The maximum load dimensions are 1524 mm L x 1321 mm W (60″ x 52″). Note: This is for machines with the “Load on Turntable” option only.Note: You can add 1 or 2 sections of conveyor.

Freezer Environment
Operates in temperatures of -29 C (-20 F).

Auto Film Cut-Off
Automatically cuts the film at the end of the wrap cycle. This decreases labor on each load by approximately 30 seconds. The auto film cut feature is guaranteed to increase your peak production speed.

Corrosive Environment
Operate in a corrosive environment. It is for machines with exposure to agents such as salt and Fertilizer.

Forklift Stop
Helps the operator align the load on the turntable.

Innovation & Sustainability

As professionals in the packaging industry, we understand the unique challenge of being environmentally friendly while balancing costs and efficacy. Millennium Packaging is committed to doing our part in helping our customers meet their sustainability goals. One of the ways we do this is by maximizing our customers’ prestretch, by using 200% they can triple the longevity of their stretch film, saving materials and money. We’re also proud to offer a robust selection of biodegradable stretch films and other packaging products that you can use to protect your shipments as well as the planet.

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