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Lantech Q300 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper


You are looking at Lantech’s most popular stretch wrapper and it’s not hard to believe that after you see all the incredible advantages it presents. This stretch wrapper is versatile (can wrap anything from large, tall, heavy or fragile loads), customizable based on specific requirements, safe (all motors and wires are completely enclosed), intuitive, reliable, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Because of its superior assets, the Q300 semi-automatic stretch wrapper will guarantee higher productivity with less material. By using a power stretch film delivery system like this, you will be able save 50-66% in film cost. This machine also comes with additional options that can boost your productivity:

  • Pallet Grip ®: which rolls up a film cable and drives it down onto the pallet locking the load. This option ensures that your load doesn’t slide off during transit, allowing you to save money that you would otherwise spend on damaged loads.
  • EZ Weigh Integrated Scale: forget about the trouble of weighing your loads. This semi-automatic stretch wrapper presents a built-in weigh system that’s fully integrated into turntable. You will be able to weigh and wrap all in one step!
  • Click-n-Go: this option will allow you to stretch wrap loads at the touch of a button. By using infrared technology, this remote eliminates the requirement of installing a ceiling mounted lanyard. So, add this feature and save even more time!