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Authorized Master Distributor

Millennium has been the authorized Master Distributor for Sealed Air for the past 16 years.

Our partnership allows us to offer market leading prices and deliverables on the industry leading packaging products that your operation requires.

For over 25 years, relationships and reputation have  been at the core of our company.

Our strong partnerships and long-term relationships have contributed to our success and helped us grow from a regional packaging distributor to a nationwide provider of tailor-fit packaging solutions and equipment.

Our longest and closest partnership is with Sealed-Air. We’ve been partners with Sealed-Air for over 15 years, and proudly offer their innovative, high-quality products to our customers.

Authorized Master Distributor of Sealed-Air Products

Millennium Packaging is an Authorized Master Distributor for Sealed-Air products.

Earning Sealed Air’s Midwest Distributor of the year honor in 2019.

Sealed-Air invented the packaging material that is now used universally by retailers and eCommerce companies around the country. Sealed-Air considers Millennium as a trusted agent for their full lineup of packaging products. Our team is an extension of theirs. This means that Millennium customers get access to the expertise and resources from both the Millennium and Sealed-Air teams. 

Working with Millennium as an Authorized Master Distributor for Sealed-Air products is like having multiple PhD’s in packaging and shipping focusing solely on a customized solution for your business.

Benefits of a Master Distributor

As a Master Distributor for Sealed-Air, we are authorized to offer their high-quality packaging products to other distributors in markets across the nation.

Sealed-Air products and innovations, personalized for your unique business.

We are certified to go direct to the customer with Sealed-Air products so when you work with Millennium Packaging, you get all access to the top notch Sealed-Air products available on the market, but you also get the customized solutions and personalized attention of our customer-centric, solution-oriented team.

Through our exclusive partnership with Sealed-Air, you get the benefit of all the support and resources that Sealed-Air has to offer. From product engineering to product testing and full-scale packaging solutions, you’ll have the experience and resources from two teams-Millennium Packaging and Sealed-Air.

Sealed-Air and UPS

Sealed-Air has an exclusive partnership with UPS, and the two companies work together closely to determine best practices in shipping across the country. Freight carriers have changed the way they charge for freight and set prices according to dimensional weight.  

Sealed-Air conducts tests with UPS to figure out the best way to ship all types of products around the United States to optimize your freight costs and provide damage reduction.