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Carton Sealers

Simply put case sealers are packaging equipment that closes & seals corrugated boxes. Lantech case sealers offer reliable packaging through proper folding of the flaps, smooth transit through the sealing cycle and fast and easy changeovers. Our case sealers can accommodate most brands of tape and they ensure that taping your cartons never slows you down. When you need a case sealer that fits your budget, Millennium can help you find the one customized to your needs!

Lantech CS-300 Case Sealer

The Lantech CS-300 Case Sealer takes case sealing seriously, boasting an impressive 30 cases per minute. The CS-300 takes total control of the box from the moment it enters the machine, utilizing a 2 stage flap folding system that guarantees precision and properly sealed cases every time.

Lantech CS-1000 Case Sealer

The Lantech CS-1000 is capable of delivering up to 30 cases per minute, much like the CS-300, but unique to this case sealer is the myriad of options we offer to enhance the speed, closing methods, machine frame, and performance data. The complete customization capability of the CS-1000 Case Sealer makes it a mainstay in countless warehouses around the globe.

Water Activated Tape Dispensers

If you work in the industry you already understand the importance of tightly sealed boxes. You can’t always control how your loads are treated once they leave the warehouse — sometimes it’ll end up in harsh conditions which causes tape to peel and seals to break. Get a better handle on this problem with a water activated tape dispenser. Our tape dispensers will provide your teams with always sticky, cut to size tape that will keep your products protected at all times — not to mention these machines can drastically reduce your labor costs!