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Lantech SL High Speed Automatic Stretch Wrapper

SL High Speed Automatic

Being part of the L-series family, this automatic stretch wrapper is protected by the Load Guardian technology, which simplifies the process of setting up a stretch wrapper to securely and effectively wrap loads. The SL is able to handle up to 110 loads per hour. depending on the speed package selected. The wrap arm can operate at a speed up to 40 RPM. To wrap loads that are extremely tall, the SL stretch wrapper offers the option of adding height capacity to it, allowing the system to handle loads up to 110” tall. Thanks to the use of the Metered Delivery System, this equipment can stretch wrap tighter, avoiding load twisting, crushing, and breaks in the film. To secure the load, the SL stretch wrapper uses the Pallet Grip feature, which is a mechanism that rolls up a film cable and drives it down onto the pallet locking the load. By selecting the cold package option, this machine can efficiently function in an environment where the temperature is as low as 0F°.

SL Automatic

The SL automatic stretch wrapper shows the same features of the SL High Speed, with the main difference being lower operating speed. This machine can stretch wrap up to 50 loads per hour. The wrap arm speed is between 1 – 15 RPM.