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Lantech ProfitPack Case Erectors

Case Erectors

ProfitPack 2

The ProfitPack 2 case erector delivers up to 8 cases per minute. This machine is perfect to handle those situations where the products are irregular, complex, expensive, and can’t fit into a conventional case. This case erector uses a collaborative automation system, where the machine forms and seals the case on demand, and the operator inspects the products, places them in the case and releases the case to the sealing unit. This superior combination of people and machine ensures that the products are packed properly in their cases. The ProfitPack case erector is available in left- and right-hand versions and with a one or two-person packing station.

A distinctive option that can be added to your ProfitPack machine is the Bypass mode. This feature allows the ProfitPack product conveyor to continue to run, while bypassing the sealer.

ProfitPack 1

The Lantech ProfitPack 1 case erector shows the same features of the ProfitPack 2, but can deliver 10 cases per minute.