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Case Erectors

Case erectors are case forming machines that automatically form, fold, and deliver well-sealed square cases from flat boxes. With this equipment you will be able to eliminate the need for operators to stop packing product to build their cartons, saving money and time. Our robust, efficient Lantech case erectors range from low to high-speed and each of them provides a tailored packaging solution for a variety of industries. Browse our different models here and let us help you choose the one that you need!

With our case erectors, the case size can be fully customized depending on the load. Square cases are the key to successful packaging. In fact, cases whose sides aren’t aligned can lose up to 30% of their stacking strength. But erecting square cases isn’t always easy. Thinner corrugated, temperature, and humidity changes can cause variations in case blanks or lead to machine jams. Which is why our Lantech case erectors are the right choice for you! Our equipment can overcome these obstacles through precise case management throughout the entire packaging process. But how?

As soon as the blank enters the magazine, a unique pickup frame pulls the case and forces it open ensuring that it is square. The flaps are folded before the case moves, making it rigid and locking all four angles at 90°. Following, a pusher bar that is parallel to the rear wall, delivers it to spring-loaded side belts, which move the case in or out to compensate for potential variations in width.